Esther Robert Biography, Age, Strawberrycuteface, Boyfriend, Parents, Origin, Tribe, Husband, Instagram, Net Worth.

Esther Robert Biography, Age, Real Name, Showboi, Shank Comics, Strawberrycuteface, Boyfriend, Parents, Origin, Tribe, Husband, Net Worth.  

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Who Is Esther Robert? 

Better known as Strawberry Cute face, is Esther Robert. A social media influencer who is mostly known for her scanty appearance in comedy skits with the likes of comedian Showboi, Shank Comedy, and a few others. 

Basic Information

Real Name Esther Ekomobong Robert 
Famous As Esther Robert Or Strawberrycuteface 
Age 26 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 13 August 1997
Profession/Career Influencer/Actress/Entrepreneur/ Social Worker 
State Of Origin Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 7″/75kg
Girlfriend Princess Joy Akpan 
Boyfriend Not Available 
Parents Mr And Mrs Robert 
Lives In Ikoyi, Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $300,000

Esther Robert Biography

Esther Ekomobong Robert born 13 August 1997 is the real name of professional Social Worker, and Sociologist, who is popularly known as Strawberry Cute face for being a brand influencer, model, fashion and face model, entrepreneur, actress, and a content creator on Instagram and Facebook. 
Strawberrycuteface as she is also known has made appearance in lots of comedy videos with comedian Showboi, Shanks Comics and others. Which has in turn tremendously boosted her popularity/fame amongst netizens and given her brand publicity. 
Esther Robert is a hugely endowed Nigerian actress and entrepreneur who is also famously known as a face and fashion model, and with her curvaceous body, she is a type you would certainly take a second look at. She commands so much attention in the entrainment industry as an actress in movies and comedy videos with content creators like Softjo whose real name is Joshua Onoh and Lilhezx, this is owing to get massive behind and chest. 
Strawberrycuteface aka Esther Robert has been actively creating contents on social media since 2018 when she completed her B’sc from the University of Calabar.


The over endowed celebrity model is a multi-skilled personality, who runs her other businesses while still pursuing her modeling career and practicing her educational qualification. 
Strawberry Cute Face whose real name is Esther Robert currently lives in Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Esther Robert Age 

How Old Is Esther Robert? She is 25 Years Old as of 2022, but will be clocking 26 Years Old after her birthday in 2023.

Esther Robert Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Esther Robert Birthday? Esther Robert birthday is on 13 August, and she marks her birthday yearly with stunning and sultry Instagram pictures accompanied with a well composed birthday wish for herself. 
Here’s a few of her hand written birthday wishes for herself; 
“Everyday, she imagined placing a beautiful 👑 upon her head to remind herself that she is fierce, strong, powerful, resourceful, wise, full of fire, worthy of her own admiration and not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears… If I dance would it be enough? 
I don’t think so.. I’d sing to His Glory..
Thank you Lord for adding another year to my life.. It has been you all the way Lord, Your steadfast love and mercy towards me is too marvelous even with all my flaws, You still do great things for me… I’d forever worship and Praise your name.. Happy Birthday to me.. #PrettyGang #LeoSeason”

Esther Robert Real Name 

What Is Esther Robert Real Name? What Is Strawberrycuteface Real Name? Popularly recognized as Esther Robert or Strawberrycuteface, her real name is Esther Ekomobong Robert. 

Esther Robert Zodiac Sign 

What Is Esther Robert Zodiac Sign For 13 August? Her zodiac sign is Leo. 

Esther Robert Profession, Career 

Strawberrycuteface aka Esther Robert is a professional actress, model, influencer, entrepreneur, and content creator. She is still in pursuit of her academic career as a social worker and Sociologist. 

Esther Robert Education, Family 

In 2018, Esther Ekomobong Robert popularly known as Strawberrycuteface or just as Esther Robert graduated with B’sc in social work in University of Cross River, Calabar where she graduated with a second class upper. 
She went further to do her Master’s program in Sociology at the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2020 which she concluded in 2022. 

Esther Robert Origin, State Of Origin 

What Is Esther Robert State Of Origin? Where Is Esther Robert From? From the research carried out about her origin, in addition, as her real name suggests, Esther Ekomobong Robert aka Strawberrycuteface as she is professionally is an origin of the Ibibio/Efik people. 
She happens to be an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria but completed her tertiary education in her neighboring state being Cross River State with Calabar as it’s capital. 
Esther Robert is from Akwa Ibom State. 
“What did you hear about Akwaibom girls😍did some one call my name huh👅just a teaser to tickle everything within you👅oh I hear my name now👅my name is Esther Ekomobong Robert❤️send a dm if you need my service👑I am a model.
I do facial,fashion and commercial modeling❤️I am an influencer Incase you want to advertise your brand on my page and I also write❤️patronize me by sending a dm to my business page @straw.berrysdeepthoughts or my main page @strawberrycuteface 
I write really lovely write-ups and I also throw in gifts into our gift bags/box🤗don’t dull yourself fam❤️👅allow me serve you👅”

Esther Robert Ethnicity 

What Is Esther Robert ethnicity? She is of African ethnicity. 

Esther Robert Tribe 

What Is Esther Robert tribe? Esther Robert speaks English and Ibibio/Efik tribe fluently.

Esther Robert Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Are Esther Robert Parents? Mr Robert is Esther Robert father. Strawberrycuteface aka Esther Robert is very fond of her father, Mr Robert whom she takes every chance possible to celebrate. She doesn’t miss marking his birthday every year with beautiful videos accompanied with a lovely birthday wish. 
Here’s one of her birthday wishes for her father on one of his birthday she celebrated with him; 

“Hello bae, Hello baby boy, freshiest sexiest dad in the whole universe 😍😍😍See ehhh id wanna be ur daughter even in my next life😘😍😍Hbd to the worlds best dad😍😍yes you r hun,yes you r… 
You are amazing,our preacher,our guardian,our counsellor,a friend,brother,support system…Thanks for everything you have sacrificed to make sure your kids have the best,you shall reap the fruit of your labour Amen… 
Thanks for your prayers, see thanks for everything,very dedicated man,very hardworking,principled see i can go on and on…I pray that lines fall in pleasant places for u baby boy love u so much hbd dad😍😍😍😍 live long #daddy’s lil girl #i am my fathers daughter.”

Esther Robert Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Princess Joy Akpan To Esther Robert? Although Esther Robert is not sexually or romantically involved with Princess Joy. Princess Joy is one of Esther Robert’s most acknowledged girlfriend. 

Esther Robert Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

You can directly contact Esther Robert on any of her social media platforms as she is open to receiving messages from anyone unlike other celebrities. 
Her Whatsapp number and phone number can not be provided on this platform. 

Esther Robert Husband, Ex-husbands  

Is Esther Robert Married? Who Is Esther Robert Husband? Esther Robert aka Strawberrycuteface is not married at the moment, she does not have a husband. 
Although she is preparing herself to get married soonest but she is yet to make any public announcement of her getting married other than some write ups she has been making for a while now. 

“Being married someday is going to be so astounding…Like you are going to come home to your best friend everyday and do life together… 
I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;thanks to your love,a certain solid fragrance,risen from the earth,lives darkly in my body.I love you without knowing how,or when… 
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; 
so I love you because I know no other way than this:where I dont exist,nor you,so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.” 

Esther Robert Religion 

What Religion Is Esther Robert? She is a Christian. 

Esther Robert TikTok, Instagram 

Esther Robert aka Strawberrycuteface is very active on Instagram more than she is on TikTok. Her official Instagram account has over 118k followers as compared to her TikTok of less a thousand followers. 

Esther Robert Boyfriends 

Who Is Esther Robert Boyfriend? There’s no information about her boyfriend at the moment. Although it is certain that she has a boyfriend(s) but she is yet to reveal his identity as she prefers it to be private. 
Here’s a message she wrote to her boyfriend although she kept his identity hidden; 
“He leans down and kisses me,his fingers still moving rhythmically inside me, his thumb circling and pressing. His other hand scoops my hair off my head and holds my head in place. His tongue mirrors the actions of his fingers, claiming me. 

My legs begin to stiffen as I push against his hand.He gentles his hand,so I’m brought back from the brink … I cum instantly again and again, falling apart beneath him… then I’m building again… I climax anew, calling out his name.”…
Wake up…Don’t tell me you are still dreaming about your soon to be husband again… Few more hours,and he will be yours… You have kept yourself for this long; Weldone girl…
Yes…that is my best friend and chief brides maid… Ruining my fantasies; reminding me about my wedding night… yes the night my baby will take my virginity
To have love,and laughter;and live happily ever after…
He says my smile brightens his day…I couldn’t agree more
Negodu this beautiful smile now😉
If I could save time in a bottle my love …
the first thing that I’d like to do, is to save every day ‘till eternity passes away, just to spend them with you baby… 
If I could make days last forever;I’d save every day like a treasure and then,I would spend them with you. 
If I had a box just for wishes,and dreams that had never come true;the box would be empty,except for the memory of how they were answered by you.. 
I’ve looked around enough to know that you’re the one I want to go through time with…
Yes I want to spend forever with you baby”

Esther Robert Height, Weight 

What Is Esther Robert Height and Weight? She stands tall at a height of 5 ft 7″ while weighing about 75kg± at of the time of this writing. 

Esther Robert Nationality 

What Is Esther Robert Nationality? Is Esther Robert A Nigerian? Yes, Esther Ekomobong Robert is of Nigerian nationality. 

Esther Robert Net Worth 

Esther Ekomobong Robert aka Strawberrycuteface or Strawberry Cute Face net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be approximately about $300,000. 

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