Wahala Twins Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Comedian, Brainjotter, Girlfriend, Height, Date Of Birth, Wikipedia, Net Worth.

Wahala Twins Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Comedian, Viscoent, Girlfriend, Height, Date Of Birth, Wikipedia, Net Worth. 

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Who Is Wahala Twins? 

Wahala Twins Comedians are two midget upcoming social media stars who have become an online sensation for their hilarious comedy videos and small bodies. 

Basic Information

Real Name Beans And Bread 
Famous As Wahala Twins 
Age 18 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 22 March 2005
Profession/Career Actors/Comedians 
State Of Origin Bayelsa State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 2 ft 4″/60kg
Girlfriends Not Available
Brother Wahala Twins 
Parents Papa Wahala Comedian
Lives In Lagos, Nigeria 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $50,000

Wahala Twins Biography

The Okoli’s professionally known as Wahala Twins born in 2005 are two upcoming Nigerian midget twin actors and comedians popularly known for their numerous viral and funny videos.
They are popularly known as Wahala Twins as a duo, but individually called Beans and Bread. 
Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread are funny twin midgets content creators popular for their comedy and film acting. The identical twins have a striking resemblance that makes it difficult to tell one from the other. 

Their small nature have made people mistake them for minors even when they are not. They are adults of over 18 Years Old and are currently studying in a Nigerian University in Bayelsa State.  
Signed under the management of Viscoent aka Visco Entertainment run by Victory Okoli, the twins actors have been attaining great heights as a duo. 
Although the have been into content creation on social media since 2021 but they have not had the opportunity to become as famous as they are now. 

However, sometime in 2022 Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread came in contact with popular comedians, actors, celebrities, influencers, and content creators like Brainjotter whose real name is Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, Syd Iwundu aka Sydney Iwundu, Ruby Ojiakor, Mama Uka Comedian, Mary Uche, Tunde Ednut, erkuahofficial TikTok aka Janet Offei, Mr Funny aka Oga Sabinus or Investor Sabinus whose real name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, Ogb Recent, and many others. This alone was more like a breakthrough in their career as actors and comedians. 
In no time, Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread were in the screens of a lot of people, getting reposts, millions of views, followers, and even getting to sign deals . They are now known in the entertainment industry and have been featured in several Nollywood movies. 

As young entertainers, the duo, Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread are looking to replace veteran nollywood actors Aki And Pawpaw whose real names are Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze who have been in the industry for over 20 Years. 
Gradually making their way into the hall of fame these upcoming actors seem to be a perfect replacement/resemblance of Aki And Pawpaw but only better being that they are actual twin brothers and possess the entertaining qualities like their mentor. 
For the twins, they have come to a stop in their body growth, but to them this is just the beginning of their growth in finance, career, achievements, and fame. Just like Aki And Pawpaw, the wahala twins are called Beans and Bread. 
One of their principal’s, Papa Wahala Comedian, along side their management, Victory Okoli are one of the leaders of the Visco Entertainment

Wahala Twins Age 

The exact of Beans and Bread aka Wahala Twins is not certainly at the time of this writing, although it is speculated that they are between the ages of 18-19 as of 2023 and not above that. 

Wahala Twins Birthday, Date Of Birth 

Their actual birthday and date of birth is yet to be made public. It will be updated on this site as soon as it’s available.


Wahala Twins Real Name 

The popular midget twins, Wahala Twins Real Name is Beans and Bread their birth name is currently not available.

Wahala Twins Zodiac Sign 

Will be updated as soon as possible. 

Wahala Twins Profession, Career 

Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread are professional actors and comedians who are just at the beginning of their careers in the entertainment industry and looking to go further. 

Wahala Twins Education, Family 

They are currently students in a government tertiary institution in Bayelsa known as University of Bayelsa State. 

Wahala Twins Origin, State Of Origin 

Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread state Of Origin is Bayelsa State. 

Wahala Twins Ethnicity 

Beans and Bread are of African ethnicity. 

Wahala Twins Tribe 

They speak the local dialet of the Bayelsa people. 

Wahala Twins Parents, Father, Mother 

There’s no information about wahala Twins parents, Father and mother Available at the moment, but in one of his visits to his parents, he introduced his parents to the camera but didn’t make mention of their names. 

Wahala Twins Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Not Available. 

Wahala Twins Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

Their Whatsapp number and phone number can not be made public at the moment on this platform. To contact Wahala Twins aka Beans and Bread, you can directly do that through their management.

Wahala Twins Wife, Ex-wife 

Not Available 

Wahala Twins Religion 

They are of the Christian faith. 

Wahala Twins TikTok, Instagram 

You can reach them on TikTok and Instagram as Wahala Twins.

Wahala Twins Boyfriends 

Not Available.

Wahala Twins Height, Weight 

The twins are of the same height as 2 ft 4″ tall while weighing about 30kg±. 

Wahala Twins Nationality 

Beans and Bread aka Wahala Twins are of Nigerian nationality. 

Wahala Twins Net Worth 

Beans and Bread aka Wahala Twins net worth is estimated to be approximately about $30,000 as of 2023.

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