Noma Richard Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Education, Parents, Girlfriend, State Of Origin, Net Worth.

Noma Richard
Noma Richard

Noma Richard Biography, Noma Richard  Biography, Age, Real Name, Noma Richard TikTok, Girlfriend, Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Noma Richard aka Nomarichard TikTok.

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Who Is Noma Richard?

Nomarichard on TikTok is an upcoming TikTok content creator who has been creating high school relatable comedy since 2022, and has gained recognition for his acts for being good at what he does.

Noma Richard who is better recognized as Nomarichard tiktok after starting his content creation in 2022 decided to take content creation more serious in 2023 and has since then made a huge difference and growth in his career owing to his consistent relatable funny skits.

Basic Information

Real Name Noma Richard 
Famous As Nomarichard tiktok aka King Richie 
Age 21 Years Old (2024)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 22 March 2003
Profession/Career Comedian/Actor 
State Of Origin South Eastern State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 6 ft 2″/90kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Not Available. 
Parents Mr And Mrs Noma 
Lives In Lagos State 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $15,000

Noma Richard Biography

Noma Richard born 22 March 2003 is a Nigerian content creator, entrepreneur, and influencer who is speculated to be originally from South Eastern Nigerian. He is professionally known as Nomarichard tiktok aka King Richie on Instagram and he is popularly known for his ideal content ideas as regards high school days.
Noma Richard on TikTok is a handsome young content creator and plays all the roles in his video content by himself.
Just like some other handsome and young TikTok Stars, Softmadeit, IamBuike, Softjo, Dezny Comedian, Stacy Wiss, Cripsdal, and many more others, Noma Richard is on his way to also becoming a famous celebrity from TikTok.
Noma Richard in his wealth of experience as a student creates his contents based of on what he has experience or seen during his time in his secondary school (High School education) in Faith Academy Lagos.
With over 480k followers on TikTok, Noma Richard is rated one of the fast rising content creators from TikTok, having over 84k+ followers on his official Instagram page that is also yet to be verified.
Noma Richard is known to use viral TikTok trend songs to make solo entertaining skits, which is known to be the major source of his popularity on social media today alongside his good looks.
For as long as 2021 till date, Nomarichard has been creating contents on TikTok based of regular life of a student and/or average teenager who’s just getting into life and he makes them so much relatable that it has managed to get him to half a million followers on his tiktok page.

Noma Richard Age 

How Old Is Noma Richard? What Is Noma Richard Real Age?
Noma Richard is currently 21 Years Old as 2024. As of the year 2023, he celebrated his 20th birthday amongst his friends in Covenant University of Living Faith Church.

Noma Richard Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Noma Richard Birthday? What Is Noma Richard Date Of Birth? Noma Richard TikTok birthday is on 22 March, and he celebrates his birthday every year. His real date of birth is on 22 March 2003.

Noma Richard Real Name 

What Is Noma Richard Real Name? Noma Richard Real Name is Noma Richard. Noma Richard happens to be his birth name given to him by his parent/guardian.

Noma Richard Zodiac Sign 

What Is Noma Richard Zodiac Sign? Noma Richard TikTok Zodiac Sign is Aries. This is majorly due to his birthday which happens to be on 22 March.

Noma Richard Profession, Career 

The upcoming TikTok content creator, Noma Richard identifies as a professional influencer, entrepreneur, content creator, and is currently a student.

Noma Richard Education, Family 

Noma Richard is originally from a Christian family who happens to be members of the Living Faith Church and this played a great role in his education, being a member of the church, he had the opportunity to enroll into their High School (Faith Academy) in 2016 and graduated sometime in 2022.
He furthered his education in the church’s first private tertiary institution called Covenant University in Ota. As of 2022, Nomarichard is still a student of Covenant University where he is studying to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree Program certificate in a science based course that he is yet to make public.

Noma Richard Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Noma Richard From? What Is Noma Richard State Of Origin From? Although Noma Richard is speculated to be from South Eastern Nigeria, he is yet to confirm his real state of origin at the moment.

Noma Richard Ethnicity 

What Is Noma Richard Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity.

Noma Richard Tribe 

What Tribe Is Noma Richard From? Being from the South Eastern Nigeria, he is mostly like to be igbo by tribe or of several other tribes originating from South east.

Noma Richard Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Noma Richard Father? Mother? Parents? His parents Mr and Mrs Noma are Christian parents from Living Faith Church and they sponsor his education since his Pre-school to High School days.

Noma Richard Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend

Who Is Noma Richard Girlfriend? Nomarichard TikTok has his girlfriend identity hidden from the public and he maintains the single status.

Noma Richard Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Noma Richard Whatsapp Number? What Is Noma Richard Phone Number? You can contact Noma Richard through any of his social media pages or through his management using the details placed publicly on his Instagram profile.

Noma Richard Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Noma Richard Married? Who Is Noma Richard Wife?
He is currently single, not married and has never been previously married as of the time of this publication.

Noma Richard Religion 

What Religion Is Noma Richard?
Noma Richard is of the Christian faith by birth and he still identifies as a Christian till date.

Noma Richard TikTok, Instagram

TikTok Star, Noma Richard is active on his tiktok and Instagram official pages as Nomarichard or King Richie on Instagram with over 84k+ followers and 480k+ followers on TikTok.

Noma Richard Boyfriends 

Who Is Noma Richard Boyfriend?
His sexual orientation is straight, he does not have any boyfriend and is not romantically involved with any one of his same gender because he is not gay.

Noma Richard Height, Weight 

Noma Richard is outstandingly tall at a height of about 6 ft 2″ inches tall while weighing approximately 90kg±.

Noma Richard Nationality 

Which Country Is Noma Richard From?
He is a Nigerian.
Noma Richard
Noma Richard

Noma Richard Net Worth 

What Is Noma Richard Net Worth 2023? Noma Richard TikTok net worth is estimated to be worth approximately about $15,000 as of the year 2024
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