Who Is Celebrity Carpenter Moses Biography, Age, Real Name, Brekete Family, Father, Net Worth.

Celebrity Carpenter Moses Biography, Celebrity Carpenter Moses, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Brekete Family, Girlfriend, Parents, Origin, Tribe, Its tiwa, Net Worth. 

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Who Is Celebrity Carpenter Moses? 

Celebrity Carpenter Moses is the young man who was disowned by his father for abandoning medicine to practice his dream course of traditional carpentry. 

The young man, popularly known as Celebrity Carpenter Moses, has however become a means of motivation to young people to chase their dreams. More about Celebrity Carpenter Moses will be revealed in this article. 

Basic Information

Real Name Moses Sagesse Amiebenomo
Famous As Celebrity Carpenter Moses
Age 36 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 28 August 1987
Profession/Career Entrepreneur/Carpenter
State Of Origin Edo State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 6 ft 1″/60kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Haurwa Amiebenomo
Parents Barrister And Mrs Idris 
Lives In FCT Abuja, Nigeria.
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $1,000,000

Celebrity Carpenter Moses Biography

Moses Sagesse Amiebenomo born 28 August 1987 is the real name of professional Carpenter and the CEO/MD of Sagesse De Dieu Limited popularly as Celebrity Carpenter. He is famous for being featured in the Brekete Family show in his try to reconcile with his families. 
Moses Amiebenomo who is popularly known as Celebrity Carpenter had appeared on human right TV Abuja in a programme, Brekete Family where he solicited for his father’s forgiveness for disobeying him.
He revealed that his father wanted him to study medicine and surgery and become a doctor, but he preferred to be a carpenter instead. According to him, that is what makes him happy.

Moses said he knew his father would not want him to be unhappy, so he chose to be a carpenter, because that’s what he wanted. He added that his choice of career has opened many doors of opportunities for him and that he has achieved a lot in life. 

Moses who is from Edo state expressed regret that when his father had a surgery, he could not visit him in Kaduna because they were not in good terms.
“I am not a bad boy, I don’t smoke or drink, I don’t keep bad friends, steal or do fraud and I have touched lives through the carpentry work I am doing”, he stated.
Moses begged his father to forgive and accept him back, urging Nigerians to assist him in appealing to his father for his forgiveness. He wants to be part of his life, he also wants him to enjoy what he worked hard for. Moses begged people in the program to help him beg his daddy, whose name is barrister Idris Amiebenomo. 

Following this appeal, he later shared a video of himself and his father talking and laughing together, in what seem like a sweet reunion.
“After 15 years I have reunited with my father, and I just found out he is a Liverpool fan like myself, blood is thicker than water”, he said in a post on Instagram.

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