Pretty Papi Kenya Biography, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Religion, Gender, Husband, Parents, Stacy Wiss, Nationality, Origin, Tribe, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth,

Pretty Papi Kenya Biography, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Religion, Husband, Parents, Stacy Wiss, Nationality, Origin, Tribe, Girlfriend, Height, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Pretty Papi Kenya aka Pretty Papi. 

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Who Is Pretty Papi Kenya? 

Pretty Papi TikTok is a Kenyan TikTok Star who is popularly known as Pretty Papi for his fans video contents on TikTok and Instagram. Pretty Papi as he is popularly known is considered as Kenyan most pretty female TikToker. 

Pretty Papi is gradually becoming a TikTok sensation in Kenya as a owing to his TikTok dance and confusing good looks leaving his fans confused about his gender, sexuality, ethnicity, tribe, and location.

Basic Information

Real Name Firoz Papi Riham 
Famous As Pretty Papi 
Age 21 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 04 February 2002
Profession/Career Dancer / Influencer
State Of Origin Mombasa Coast 
Height/Weight 5 ft 4″/70kg
Girlfriend Samantha Dedra (Alleged)
Sister Alham and Xoxo ranyia 
Religion  Muslim 
Lives In Mombasa Coast, Kenya 
Nationality Kenyan 
Net Worth $70,000 

Pretty Papi Kenya Biography 

Firoz Papi Riham born 04 February 2002 is a Kenyan born TikTok Star and influencer professionally known as Pretty Papi for his dance videos on TikTok with other famous Tiktok celebrities. She has always been tagged as the prettiest TikTok Star in Kenya. 
Pretty Papi as she is professionally known is a female TikToker but because of her stunning Asian-African look, it has left her fans with questions of her gender, sexuality, her origin, and many others. 
Firoz Papi Riham aka Pretty Papi is a Kenyan TikToker, she is based in Mombasa Coast, Kenya. Pretty Papi joined TikTok in 2019 just before worldwide lockdown in 2020 but made most of her TikTok dance video content on 2020 as she had time for it just like many other TikTok Stars.


She started creating short tiktok dance videos in 2019 but took it seriously in 2020 as she started gaining recognition on TikTok. Her main selling point in her videos on TikTok were her great looks and great dance moves, being someone who is naturally beautiful, Pretty Papi never had issues with gaining visibility and attention whenever she dropped a video on her TikTok page. 
With consistency in sharing her dance videos and doing dance collaboration with other dancers on tiktok over the years, Pretty Papi has grown to become a face to recon with on TikTok with over 680k followers and rising, she has also gained over 100k followers on Instagram. 

One of many questions Pretty Papi is yet to answer on her TikTok is the question of her ethnicity and sexual orientation, however, after carrying out a research on her origin we uncovered that Pretty Papi is of Asian-African origin although the question as of whether her father or mother is Asian is yet to be confirmed. 
Pretty Papi Kenya who has publicly affirmed to be on a relationship but has refused to reveal the identity of her romantic lover has been alleged to be a lesbian and in a relationship with fellow tiktoker, Samantha Dedra, after a conversation between the both party was spotted on her tiktok account. 

Apart from being a dancer and influencer on TikTok, Pretty Papi is also a lover of football and she is strongly looking forward to playing football to a higher level, she is known for wearing the number 9 on her football jersey while playing ball. 

Another interesting fact worthy of noting is that regardless of the fact that Firoz Papi Riham aka Pretty Papi is a Kenyan and not related to Nigerian Stacy Wiss who is also partly Nigerian-Congolese, the two TikTok stars Stacy Wiss (Male) and Pretty Papi (Female) have a very striking resemblance that will leave their fans more confused, even with different gender. 

Pretty Papi Age 

How Old Is Pretty Papi? What Is Pretty Papi Real Age? Firoz Papi Riham age is 21 Years Old as of 2023, this is Pretty Papi real age as she confirmed. She is currently 21 Years Old. 

Pretty Papi Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Pretty Papi Birthday? What Is Pretty Papi Date Of Birth? Pretty Papi birthday is on 04 February, and she celebrates her birthday annually alongside her friends and family around her. She also confirmed that her real date of birth is on 04 February 2002.


Pretty Papi Real Name 

What Is Pretty Papi Real Name? Pretty Papi Real Name is Firoz Papi Riham. 

Pretty Papi Zodiac Sign 

What Is Pretty Papi Zodiac Sign? Her birth zodiac sign is Aquarius ♒. 

Pretty Papi Profession, Career 

Asides being a professional dancer and influencer on TikTok, Pretty Papi has a career goal to become a female footballer which she is evidently working towards. 

Pretty Papi Education, Family 

Firoz Papi Riham popularly known as Pretty Papi has obtained a certificate of completion for both primary and secondary school although she is currently obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in a University in Nairobi, Kenya.


Pretty Papi Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Pretty Papi From? What Is Pretty Papi State Of Origin From? 

Pretty Papi Ethnicity 

What Is Pretty Papi Ethnicity? She is of Asian-African ethnicity. 

Pretty Papi Tribe 

What Tribe Is Pretty Papi From? 

Pretty Papi Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Pretty Papi Father? Mother? Parents? 
And there’s currently no information as regards the identity and background of her parents (father, mother, and siblings). However she has featured two of her sisters in her TikTok dance videos. Xoxo Ranyia who is her biological younger sister and Alham who happens to be her cousin sister. 

Pretty Papi Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Pretty Papi Girlfriend? 
Pretty Papi has been alleged to be lesbian and in a romantic relationship with her alleged girlfriend who is Samantha Dedra. Inasmuch as this is yet to be confirmed, Pretty Papi is known to exhibit some gay traits and acts very much like one. She has never admitted to be a lesbian, gay, or bisexual.


Pretty Papi Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Pretty Papi Whatsapp Number? What Is Comedian Ebiye Phone Number? 
You can contact Pretty Papi through her Instagram page where she made her email and Whatsapp number and phone number publicly available to request. 

Pretty Papi Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Pretty Papi Married? Who Is Pretty Papi Wife?
She is currently not married and does not have a wife yet. 

Pretty Papi Religion 

What Religion Is Pretty Papi? Pretty Papi recognized as Kenyans most prettiest female TikToker is of the Muslim faith.


Pretty Papi TikTok, Instagram 

Pretty Papi Boyfriends 

Who Is Pretty Papi Boyfriend? She has friends who are boys but she is not romantically involved with any of her boyfriends. 

Pretty Papi Height, Weight 

She stands tall at a height of about 5 ft 4″ tall while weighing about 70kg±.

Pretty Papi Nationality 

Which Country Is Pretty Papi From? Pretty Papi whose real name is Firoz Papi Riham is of Kenyan nationality. Pretty Papi country of origin is Kenya, she is a Kenyan by birth and origin. 

Pretty Papi Net Worth 

What Is Pretty Papi Net Worth 2023? Firoz Papi Riham professionally known as Pretty Papi net worth is estimated to be approximately about $50,000 at the moment being money realized from content creation and influencing on social media.


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