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Who Is Amodemaja Fisayo?

Fisayo Amodemaja is upcoming Nollywood actress popularly known for being the youngest movie producer and Nigerian actress at the age of 10 when she produced and featured in her own movie. 

Basic Information

Real Name Amodemaja Fisayomi Olamide
Famous As Fisayo Amodemaja aka Fisayo Abebi
Gender Female
Age 12 Years Old (2022)
Date 07 May 2010
Profession/Career Actress/Producer/Student
Parents Mr and Mrs Amodemaja
Father Mr Amodemaja
Mother Bukola Amodemaja
Siblings Fisayo Olakun
Height/Weight 5 ft 6″/35kg±
Movies Abebi (2022)
Niniola (2022)
Ere Oran (2022)
Apara (2021)
Jagbajantis (2021)
Education Bodija International College
State Of Origin/Tribe Ogun State/Yoruba
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $15,000

Amodemaja Fisayo Biography

Fisayomi Olamide Amodemaja born 07 May 2010 is the real name of Award winning Nigerian Kid actor, Producer, and student originally from Ogun State Nigeria, a South Western part of Nigeria.
Fsayomi Olamide Amodemaja, also known as “Fisayomi Abebi,” is a rising Nollywood Kid actor in Nigeria. Many Nigerians were astounded when the beautiful young lady who is making waves in the Yoruba film industry produced her first film at the age of ten.
Fisayomi Abebi, like many other great actors, began acting in church. Fisayomi Abebi was 8 years old when she met Mr. Tunde Ola Yusuf, a Yoruba actor and director who later became her boss in the industry.

Fisayomi Abebi, who is only ten years old, became Nigeria’s youngest Nollywood producer after releasing her breakthrough film “Abebi” in 2021.
A film that addresses domestic violence in marriages. Fisayomi Abebi discovered that filmmaking is more than just gathering people to make a film.
She developed a strong interest in the producing aspect of the film industry and was fortunate to receive her ambition as a birthday gift.
Fisayomi was able to produce her first film “Abebi” with the help of her family, which starred Odunlade Adekola, Bimbo Oshin, Funke Eti, and many other well-known actors.
Fisayomi’s breakthrough in the Yoruba film industry came with the film “Abebi.” She was excellent in her roles, and a scene from the film in which she was lecturing Odunlade Adekola and Bimbo Oshin about domestic violence in marriage went viral.Fisayomi Abebi began getting more roles in the movie industry after her success in the film, appearing alongside A-list actors. She is rapidly rising in the movie industry and, in time, she will be the next big thing in Nollywood.

Below is an interview of Amodemaja Fisayo with
My name is Oluwafisayo Amodemaja, a.k.a Abebi. I am 11 years old, I am currently in J.S.S 3. I started acting in year 2018, love acting because it is my passion.
Have you acted on stage before?Yes, I have acted in the church on stage before, though it was embarrassing but I later got used to it.
I never bothered even when I was ridiculed for making mistakes while acting, I saw it as an act of fun.
How do you draw inspiration? I draw my inspiration from God and my mum. She encouraged my dreams and my acting career before I was introduced to a particular producer to act in a movie, although it was challenging and stressful at the beginning but she encouraged me with her words of prayers.
How many films have you featured in?I can almost not remember the movies that I have featured in. They are many o! I have acted in various movie such as Generosity, Eji Owuro, Dark Water, Voice, Agba meta, Selflessness among many others.
I love the movies I have acted in because the story lines are interesting and educative. The most challenging one among them was ‘Generosity’ because I played a sub-lead role in it.

She appeared for up to 16 times and it was challenging for me.How do you combine your academics with acting? Both are two different things. I am trying my best to combine both together and I am not doing badly in my academic pursuit.
I still maintain a high grade in class despite my involvement in acting. Apart, from my acting career I would love to be a lawyer.
What will you like to tell young girls like you?I will encourage them to pursue their dreams passionately and enjoin their parents to support their dreams just as my mum did for me.
Parents should not in any way discourage the God-given talents of their children.Do you wish to talk about your Mum?My mummy is the best in the world, she supports my dreams and aspiration to become successful in life.
She is friendly and does not over pamper me, she always disciplines me when I misbehave. She is a strict disciplinarian.

She always reminds me not to be influenced by bad gangs and that charity begins from home.
She encouraged me to always remember the daughter of whom I am.Have you produced any movie by yourself?I will be launching my movie ‘Abebi, the special child’ on Tuesday May 4 2021.

It will be on YouTube via Liberal TV. The movie speaks against the ills of domestic violence and I want to encourage people to like, share, watch the movie. 

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