Just Call Me Claus Biography, Age, TikTok, Real Name, Girlfriend, Parents, Tribe, Claus, Picture, Net Worth.

Just Call Me Klaus Biography, Comedian  Biography, Age, Real Name, Just Call Me claus, Girlfriend, Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Just Call Me Klaus aka JustCallMeKlaus. 

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Who Is Just Call Me Klaus? 

Justcallmeklaus is controversial social media influencer and TikTok Star in Kenya popularly known for dancing on TikTok with his alleged sweetheart Nasieku. JustCallMeKlaus who has found his way to the top chart of dancers in Kenya started his journey sometime in 2021 and has made his way to becoming a dance sensation in Kenya. 

Basic Information

Real Name Klaus Muiruri
Famous As Just Call Me Klaus 
Age 22 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 09 June 2001
Profession/Career Dancer/Model/ Influencer 
State Of Origin Nairobi 
Height/Weight 5 ft 11″/85kg
Girlfriend Nasieku Alberta (Alleged)
Sister Wamburi Muiruri 
Parents Mr And Mrs Muiruri 
Lives In Nairobi Kenya 
Nationality Kenyan 
Net Worth $100,000 

Just Call Me Klaus Biography 

Claus Muiruri born 09 June 2001 is a Kenyan professional dancer, model, and social media influencer who originally hails from Nairobi Kenya. The award winning Kenyan dancer and model Claus Muiruri who is popularly known as JustCallMeKlaus is alleged to be in a romantic relationship with his fellow popular TikTok Star dancer Kenya. 
Just Call Me Claus started his dance career alongside his modeling career in 2021 when he started sharing his dance videos and modeling pictures on TikTok and Instagram respectively in his quest for relevance on social media which would help boost his career. 
In the year 2023 Just Call Me Klaus was awarded the awards as the Male Elite influencer of the year in the just concluded first edition of the Kenyan Influencer Awards 2023. 
In a post made by the awarder said; The “Male Elite Influencer of the Year” category recognizes the pinnacle of male influencers who have truly transformed their platforms into influential landscapes. These individuals exhibit exceptional creativity, engagement, and impact in their respective fields. 
Through their unique content, they have shaped trends, fostered communities, and set a new standard for digital influence. The nominees in this category embody the essence of excellence in the world of online influence, making them stand out as true trendsetters and role models. 
JustCallMeKlaus and his rumored girlfriend, Nasieku Alberta, have both become social media sensation over their entertaining dance content they create and share on Instagram and TikTok, this is including relationship and dance video contents. 
The fans of Just Call Me Claus and Nasieku Alberta have made it their duty to match make them despite what the two dancers said when they insisted they were not in a romantic relationship. 

However, in the recent happening they both have seemed to come to a term as from their recent post suggests that the two may just have something going on privately but do not want to make it public. 
Just Call Me Klaus is a member of the dance group called “THEE ALFA HOUSE”, alongside Nasieku Alberta, Kayetorwa, its_tonioh, nkathe_t.official, kamnyama_elephant, and, official missnjagi. 

Just Call Me Klaus Age 

How Old Is Just Call Me Klaus? What Is Just Call Me Klaus Real Age? Claus Muiruri popularly known as JustCallMeKlaus real age is 22 Years Old as of 2023. 

Just Call Me Klaus Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Just Call Me Klaus Birthday? What Is Just Call Me Klaus Date Of Birth? His birthday is on 09 June. His real date of birth is on 09 June 2001. 

Just Call Me Klaus Real Name 

What Is Just Call Me Klaus Real Name? Just Call Me Klaus Real Name is Claus Muiruri.

Just Call Me Klaus Zodiac Sign 

What Is Just Call Me Klaus Zodiac Sign? 

Just Call Me Klaus Profession, Career 

JustCallMeKlaus is a professional dancer and model, he is also an influencer on TikTok and Instagram. 

Just Call Me Klaus Education, Family 

Just Call Me Klaus Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Just Call Me Klaus From? What Is Just Call Me Klaus State Of Origin From? Not Available. 

Just Call Me Klaus Ethnicity 

What Is Just Call Me Klaus Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Just Call Me Klaus Tribe 

What Tribe Is Just Call Me Klaus From? Just Call Me Klaus real tribe is rumored to be massai. 

Just Call Me Klaus Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Just Call Me Klaus Father? Mother? Parents? There’s currently no information about Just Call Me Claus parents, father, and mother available at the moment. 

Just Call Me Klaus Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Just Call Me Klaus Girlfriend? A Kenyan TikTok dancer, Nasieku Alberta is alleged to be JustCallMeKlaus girlfriend. 

Just Call Me Klaus Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Just Call Me Klaus Whatsapp Number? What Is Just Call Me Klaus Phone Number? 

Just Call Me Klaus Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Just Call Me Klaus Married? Who Is Just Call Me Klaus Wife? Just Call Me Klaus is not married and does not have a wife at the moment. 

Just Call Me Klaus Religion 

What Religion Is Just Call Me Klaus? 

Just Call Me Klaus TikTok, Instagram 

Justcallmeklaus is a sensational social media influencer with huge fan base on TikTok and Instagram. 

Just Call Me Klaus Boyfriends 

Who Is Just Call Me Klaus Boyfriend? 

Just Call Me Klaus Height, Weight 

Just Call Me Klaus Nationality 

Which Country Is Just Call Me Klaus From? Just Call Me Claus is a Kenyan by nationality. 

Just Call Me Klaus Net Worth 

What Is Just Call Me Klaus Net Worth 2023? Claus Muiruri professionally known as JustCallMeKlaus net worth is estimated to be approximately about $100,000. 

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