Beryl Ama Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Boyfriend, Origin, Tribe, Parents, Nationality, Net Worth.

Beryl Ama Biography, Age, Real Name, Comedian Ekwutos, Girlfriend, Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Beryl Ama aka Beryl Ama TikTok. 

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Who Is Beryl Ama? 

Beryl Ama is a famous TikTok Celebrity who rose to stardom in 2021 after several of her comedy video content went viral on TikTok, Instagram, round social media platforms. Beryl Ama is popularly known on TikTok which was were she went viral for her funny and entertaining content, she was also outstanding in her transition videos which got her a lot of fans. 

Basic Information

Real Name Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie 
Famous As Beryl Ama 
Age 24 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 25 April 1999 
Profession/Career Content Creator/Influencer 
State Of Origin Anambra State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/75kg
Boyfriend Not Available
Sister Not Available 
Parents Mr And Mrs Anozie 
Lives In Lagos State 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $150,000 

Beryl Ama Biography 

Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Ama born on 25 April 1999 is a professional Nigerian influencer and content creator who is originally from Anambra State Nigeria, but she lives in Lagos Nigeria. Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie who is professionally and popularly known as Beryl Ama on social media is popular for being a content creator on TikTok and Instagram since 2020. 
Beryl Ama is an award winning content creator from year 2021 after she became a viral TikTok sensation in 2021, when her comedy and transition videos got repost from popular social media celebrities like Tunde Ednut and many others. She trended online while doing voice overs and syncing her contents with trending sounds. 
Beryl Ama is a verified TikTok content creator and has amazed over 2.5 million followers on TikTok alone. She is one of first people to utilize TikTok in boosting her content creation career from the year 2020. Overtime, she has successfully attained more than 410k followers on Instagram. 
The brand influencer and content creator who turned actor after her big break on social media now travels and lives in United Kingdom, where she’s currently pursuing her education and business as an entrepreneur. 
Beryl Ama as she is popular known on TikTok is also playing the role of Ella in high school magical alongside Jojo Of Lele, Lilhezx aka Ebuka Henry, Peter aka Ademola Adebayo, Betty Kay, Israel Henry, Lois Itodo, Erica Opai Bale, and many others as produced by Sirbalo Aka Timothy Obutuke and directed by director sweet. 
The High School Magical movie is was produced by Sirbalo Aka Timothy Obutuke as he portrays the life of a typical student in Nigeria featuring different challenges and encounter they come across and generally in High School. The captivating High School series have been on the screens of many since 2022 and is still high grossing. 

Beryl Ama Age 

How Old Is Beryl Ama? What Is Beryl Ama Real Age? She is currently 24 Years Old as of year 2023. 

Beryl Ama Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Beryl Ama Birthday? What Is Beryl Ama Date Of Birth? Beryl Ama who you all now know is Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie Faith as of the time of the publication of this article is 24 Years Old the young tiktok verified star Beryl Ama celebrates her birthday on every 25 April, while revealing that her actual date of birth is 25 April 1999. 

Beryl Ama Real Name 

What Is Beryl Ama Real Name? Beryl Ama Real Name is Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie Faith. 

Beryl Ama Zodiac Sign 

What Is Beryl Ama Zodiac Sign?

Beryl Ama Profession, Career 

Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie professionally known as Beryl Ama is a professional actor, content creator, influencer, and an entrepreneur. Soon after Beryl Ama came into limelight achieving some of her career goals has become seemingly smooth for her although not completely easy but gives her an edge over an average person. 

Beryl Ama Education, Family 

Beryl Ama also known as Anozie Chiamaka Faith during her time in school was recognized for her zeal to handle responsibilities effectively, she was a socialite as described by close friends. As of the time of updating this post, Beryl Ama holds a Bsc certificate. Beryl Ama is a graduate of LA department of Babcock university. 
She graduated from Babcock University in the year 2019 and followed up to do her NYSC by November of same 2019 and by November 2020 she was done serving. 
While it is unknown whether she wants to further her career as in her academic, she is a verified tiktok content creator and brand influencer as well as an entrepreneur, she is also a hair dealer and runs promotional offers for some businesses.

Beryl Ama Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Beryl Ama From? What Is Beryl Ama State Of Origin From? Beryl Ama is originally from Nnewi Local Government of Anambra. Her state of origin is Anambra State Nigeria. 

Beryl Ama Ethnicity 

What Is Beryl Ama Ethnicity? She is of African ethnicity. 

Beryl Ama Tribe 

What Tribe Is Beryl Ama From? She is originally Igbo by tribe, and was given birth to by Igbo parents. 

Beryl Ama Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Beryl Ama Father? Mother? Parents? The parents of the TikTok Star, Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie Faith famously known as Beryl Ama is Mr and Mrs Anozie. And they both live in Lagos with their family where Beryl Ama was raised and schooled. 

Beryl Ama Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Beryl Ama Girlfriend? 

Beryl Ama Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Beryl Ama Whatsapp Number? What Is Beryl Ama Phone Number? You can contact Beryl Ama on her Whatsapp number and phone number as readily available through her social media platforms. 

Beryl Ama Husband, Ex-Husband 

Is Beryl Ama Married? Who Is Beryl Ama Husband? No, Beryl Ama is not married yet and she is currently single. She does not have any Ex-Husband as she has not been married previously. 

Beryl Ama Religion 

What Religion Is Beryl Ama? Christian. 

Beryl Ama TikTok, Instagram 

Beryl Ama is a verified TikTok content creator and has amazed over 2.5 million followers on TikTok alone. She is one of first people to utilize TikTok in boosting her content creation career from the year 2020. Overtime, she has successfully attained more than 410k followers on Instagram. 

Beryl Ama Boyfriends 

Who Is Beryl Ama Boyfriend? While Beryl Ama doesn’t reveal anything about her relationship on social neither has she confirmed rumors to be true, it remains only a rumor that Beryl Ama Is is dating handsome star Nigerian actor Adinma Somadina the Ex-boyfriend of controversial actress Regina Daniels who is now married to Ned Nwoko with a son who is barely two years old as of date.

Beryl Ama Height, Weight 

She stands tall at a height of about 5 ft 8″ tall while weighing about 75kg±. 

Beryl Ama Nationality 

Which Country Is Beryl Ama From? Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie Faith otherwise known as Beryl Ama is a Nigerian citizen. 

Beryl Ama Net Worth 

What Is Beryl Ama Net Worth 2023? Chiamaka Onyinyechi Beryl Anozie Faith is professionally known as Beryl Ama her net worth is estimated to be approximately about $150,000. 

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