Ademola Adebayo Biography, Age, TikTok , Origin, Tribe, Girlfriend, Parents, Peter In High School Magical, Net Worth.

Ademola Adebayo Biography, Comedian  Biography, Age, Real Name, Peter In High School Magical, Girlfriend, Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Ademola Adebayo aka Peter In High School Magical. 

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Who Is Ademola Adebayo? 

Ademola Adebayo is an upcoming Nigerian actor and content creator that is popularly known for featuring in the High School Magical movie series produced by Sirbalo Aka Timothy Obutuke and director sweet. 

Ademola Adebayo who is known for his lead character role as Peter In High School Magical is an across who has been featuring in lots of recent Nigerian movies. 

Basic Information

Real Name Ademola Adebayo 
Famous As Peter (Ademola Adebayo) 
Age 27 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 27 January1996
Profession/Career Actor 
State Of Origin Oyo State. 
Height/Weight 5 ft 10″/85kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Not Available
Parents Mr And Mrs Adebayo 
Lives In Lagos State 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $50,000

Ademola Adebayo Biography 

Ademola Adebayo born 27 January 1996 is an upcoming and professional Nigerian movie actor and content creator who is more popularly and professionally known as Peter In High School Magical series that was produced by Sirbalo Aka Timothy Obutuke and director sweet. 
However, Ademola Adebayo happens to be the only son of his parents born amidst his other siblings.  He is originally from Ibadan in Oyo State Nigeria but moved on to live in Lagos where he is currently with his family and friends. 
Peter In High School Magical whose real name is Ademola Adebayo has been acting in the Nigerian movie industry since after graduating from the University where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Kogi State University and proceeded to do his youth service as demanded by the Nigerian government in Sokoto, but later redeployed to his place of origin. 
He featured in other movies such as street heist, Five days in prison, Treasure Hunters, Running into you, devil with horns, fight land, Love story and also works with an online news site where they share celebrity news. He is also known to be a guitarist. 
Ademola Adebayo came into the  limelight in 2022/2023 after he featured and played lead role character in the High School Magical movie series as Peter In High School Magical produced by Sirbalo Aka Timothy Obutuke and director sweet. 
Ademola Adebayo aka Peter In High School Magical has been featured in movies and video skits/contents with celebrities like Brainjotter, Sirbalo, and many others.  

Ademola Adebayo Age 

How Old Is Ademola Adebayo? What Is Ademola Adebayo Real Age? Ademola Adebayo age is 27 Years Old in 2023. Peter In High School Magical whose real name is Ademola Adebayo age is 27 Years Old as of the year 2023. 

Ademola Adebayo Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Ademola Adebayo Birthday? What Is Ademola Adebayo Date Of Birth? His birthday is on 27 January, he usually celebrates his birthday on this date alongside his family and friends. His real date of birth is on 27 January 1996. 

Ademola Adebayo Real Name 

What Is Ademola Adebayo Real Name? Peter In High School Magical Real Name is Ademola Adebayo.

Ademola Adebayo Zodiac Sign 

What Is Ademola Adebayo Zodiac Sign? 

Ademola Adebayo Profession, Career 

Ademola Adebayo famously known for his role in all seasons of High School Magical is a professional actor and content creator.

Ademola Adebayo Education, Family 

Ademola Adebayo attended a prestigious university where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Kogi State University. It seems Ademola Adebayo lost his father at a tender age because even after recognizing his mother in all his endeavor, he has failed to say anything about his father hence suggesting he is no more. 

Ademola Adebayo Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Ademola Adebayo From? What Is Ademola Adebayo State Of Origin From? Without Ademola Adebayo currently lives in Lagos State Nigeria with his family and siblings, his real State of origin is Oyo State. 

Ademola Adebayo Ethnicity 

What Is Ademola Adebayo Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Ademola Adebayo Tribe 

What Tribe Is Ademola Adebayo From? Ademola Adebayo aka Peter In High School Magical, as his name suggests, Ademola, is a Yoruba man, hailing from South western Nigeria. 

Ademola Adebayo Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Ademola Adebayo Father? Mother? Parents? Although there’s no information about Ademola Adebayo parents, father, and mother, Ademola Adebayo never seizes to acknowledge the support of his loving mother in his career. 

Ademola Adebayo Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Ademola Adebayo Girlfriend? He does not have any girlfriend at the moment. He is single. 

Ademola Adebayo Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Ademola Adebayo Whatsapp Number? What Is Ademola Adebayo Phone Number? You can contact Ademola Adebayo via his social media platforms like Instagram as thisbayo with over 11k followers or through his email 

Ademola Adebayo Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Ademola Adebayo Married? Who Is Ademola Adebayo Wife? He also does not have a wife as he is single and yet to get married. Information about his marriage in nearest time will be made public to his fans. 

Ademola Adebayo Religion 

What Religion Is Ademola Adebayo? He is a Christian. 

Ademola Adebayo TikTok, Instagram 

You can follow or contact him on TikTok and Instagram as thisbayo. 

Ademola Adebayo Boyfriends 

Who Is Ademola Adebayo Boyfriend? He has gotten to meet up a lot of friends while featuring in movies in the movie industry. 

Ademola Adebayo Height, Weight 

His currently height is 5 ft 8 ” while weighing about 80kg±. 

Ademola Adebayo Nationality 

Which Country Is Ademola Adebayo From? He is a Nigerian. 

Ademola Adebayo Net Worth 

What Is Ademola Adebayo Net Worth 2023? Peter In High School who is professionally known as Ademola Adebayo net worth is estimated to be approximately about $50,000. 

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