Stacy Wiss Sister; Resca Beauty Biography, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Parents, Child, Baby Father, Nationality, Net Worth.

Resca Beauty Biography, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Parents, Nationality, Brother, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Resca Beauty aka Stacy Wiss Sister. 

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Who Is Resca Beauty? 

Resca Beauty is famously known for being the sister to TikTok Star, Stacy Wiss Clement, a popular content creator and dancer on TikTok and Instagram with over 3 million followers on TikTok.


Basic Information

Real Name Resca Beauty Clement 
Famous As Resca Beauty 
Age 23 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 22 May 2000
Profession/Career Dancer/Influencer 
State Of Origin Rivers State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 7″/70kg
Boyfriend Not Available
Brother Stacy Wiss Clement and Tracy Wiss 
Parents Mr And Mrs Clement
Lives In Uganda
Nationality Nigerian-Congolese 
Net Worth $100,000

Resca Beauty Biography 

Resca Wiss Clement born 22 May 2002 a Florida, United States based TikTok Star and content creator who is professionally known as Resca Beauty is a Nigerian-Congolese dancer and content creator who was born and raised in Uganda. Resca Beauty is popularly known as Stacy Wiss sister and for dancing with him in almost all his content on TikTok.


The pretty dancer, Resca Beauty recently moved from Uganda where she stayed with her family and brothers, Stacy Wiss Clement and Tracy Wiss, to Florida United States to meet up with her baby father and further her studies with her baby and famous brother Stacy Wiss Clement. 
Although Resca Beauty and her boyfriend have are of Nigerian origin, they were born and raised in foreign countries and have rarely spent time or visited Nigeria. Resca Beauty is however a single mother (Baby Mama) of one pretty little girl to her boyfriend whom she is not yet married to. 

How Did Resca Beauty And Stacy Wiss Clement Become Famous 

Resca Beauty and her brother Stacy Wiss are one of TikTok Stars who became famous and popular just for sharing and making TikTok videos.
After Joining TikTok in 2019 just before the 2020 COVID -19 break, Stacy Wiss started sharing his dance videos and creating content on TikTok, he started getting followers who liked him mostly because of his handsome looks and awesome dance moves.
He later moved on to create dance video contents with his sister Resca Beauty which blew out to become viral as many thought of them to be twins. His video was reposted by lots of influential users which gave them the ground to become TikTok famous.
It was at this point creating content on TikTok became a thing for Stacy Wiss and his sister as the took a step further to make the most of the opportunity. Stacy Wiss currently has over 1.6 million followers on his official TikTok account and about 70k on Instagram.
Resca Beauty owes her fame to fans who liked and shared her videos with her controversial and handsome brother whose looks are mistaken for a lady’s. 

Resca Beauty Age 

How Old Is Resca Beauty? What Is Resca Beauty Real Age? She is currently 23 Years Old at the moment in 2023. 

Resca Beauty Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Resca Beauty Birthday? What Is Resca Beauty Date Of Birth? Her birthday is on May 22, while her real date of birth is on 22 May 2000. 

Resca Beauty Real Name 

What Is Resca Beauty Real Name? Resca Beauty Real Name is Resca Beauty Clement.

Resca Beauty Zodiac Sign 

What Is Resca Beauty Zodiac Sign?

Resca Beauty Profession, Career 

A Dancer and an influencer.
Tracy Wiss Clement, Resca Beauty Brother

Resca Beauty Brother, Tracy Wiss 

Resca Beauty Education, Family 

Resca Beauty is from a family of seven, with four brothers and both parents. Two of Resca Beauty brothers are Stacy Wiss Clement and Tracy Wiss. The identity of her two older brothers is not known yet. 

Resca Beauty Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Resca Beauty From? What Is Resca Beauty State Of Origin From? Resca Beauty is a Ugandan based Nigerian-Congolese. Her speculated state of origin in Nigeria is Benue State. 

Resca Beauty Ethnicity 

What Is Resca Beauty Ethnicity? She is of African ethnicity. 

Resca Beauty Tribe 

What Tribe Is Resca Beauty From? Tiv/Idoma 

Resca Beauty Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Resca Beauty Father? Mother? Parents? Resca Beauty father and mother’s name is Mr and Mrs Clement. 

Resca Beauty Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Resca Beauty Girlfriend? Back in Uganda, Resca Beauty was known to have a few girlfriends but they are not in any romantic relationship because she is not gay/lesbian.

Resca Beauty Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Resca Beauty Whatsapp Number? What Is Resca Beauty Phone Number? 
Resca Beauty Husband & Boyfriend

Resca Beauty Husband, Ex-Husband 

Is Resca Beauty Married? Who Is Resca Beauty Wife? Resca Beauty has kept the real identity of her baby father away from the media but has shared a picture of him once as attached above this article. Although she is not married to her baby father yet so she doesn’t have a husband. 

Resca Beauty Wedding, Married 

Resca Beauty Religion 

What Religion Is Resca Beauty? She is a Christian. 

Resca Beauty TikTok, Instagram 

Resca Beauty has a strong social media presence on TikTok with over 2 million followers and on Instagram with about 50k followers. 

Resca Beauty Boyfriends 

Who Is Resca Beauty Boyfriend? Resca Beauty has a daughter for her boyfriend whose picture is attached above, though the names of her boyfriend and her baby (daughter) is currently kept private and not known to the public. 
Resca Beauty And Her Daughter

Resca Beauty Daughter

Resca Beauty Baby

Resca Beauty Baby, Daughter  

Resca Beauty has a baby, daughter for her boyfriend whose identity and names she has kept private overtime. Above is a picture of Resca Beauty and her daughter. 

Resca Beauty Nationality 

Which Country Is Resca Beauty From? Resca Beauty nationality of origin is Congo. But research has it that she has some Nigerian origin and is hence recognized as a Nigerian-Congolese. 

Resca Beauty Net Worth 

What Is Resca Beauty Net Worth 2023? Resca Wiss Clement professionally known as Resca Beauty net worth is estimated to be approximately about $100,000 as at 2023. 

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