Mr Macaroni Brother: Korex Comedian Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, Wife, Instagram, Net Worth.

Korex Comedian Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, Mr Macaroni, Wife, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Korex Comedian aka Otunba Comedian. 

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Who Is Korex Comedian? 

Korex comedian is an Instagram content creator and comedian who happens to be the biological brother of Mr Macaroni who has also been doing content creation since 2020 featuring alongside his brother Mr Macaroni and others.


Basic Information

Real Name Akorede Anulopo Ogenetega Ajayi 
Famous As Korex Comedian 
Age 28 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 24 March 1995
Profession/Career Comedian/Actor 
State Of Origin Lagos State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 11″/85kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Brother  Mr Macaroni  
Parents Mr And Mrs Ajayi
Lives In Lagos State 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $150,000

Korex Comedian Biography 

Akorede Anulopo Ogenetega Ajayi born 24 March 1995 is Nigerian professional and upcoming comedian and content creator who is professionally known as Korex Comedian is the biological brother of Mr Macaroni, an influential and prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment and movie industry long before 2020. Korex Comedian who happens to be biologically related to Mr Macaroni aka Adebowale “Debo” Adedayo, got serious with entertainment and comedy industry just after his older brother became a famous personality. 
Akorede Anulopo Ogenetega Ajayi popularly known as Korex Comedian rise in popularity and emergence into limelight was through his social media comedy skits where he plays a political role of Otunba with his brother Mr Macaroni and also playing the role of Korex Comedian. But unlike his brother Mr Macaroni who had and popularized phrases like Ooin, Freaky Freaky, and, You Are Doing Well, as well as other physical moves that are peculiar to him in his skits. 
Just like Mr Macaroni aka Adebowale “Debo” Adedayo, Korex Comedian also known as Otunba from his comedy skits obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from the Redeemer’s University Ede, Afe Babalola University from the period of 2012 – 2016 just after his brother. Korex Comedian and Mr Macaroni are both indigenes of Ogun State Nigeria, but they were born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. 
In what seems like planned connection, Korex Comedian and Mr Macaroni have similar career paths of acting and comedy content creation. Korex Comedian happens to also be an actor and had featured in movies with other famous movie stars like Seyi Awolowo, Boma Akpore, Adebowale “Debo” Adedayo, Tobi Bakre, Falz, Toni Tones, OC Ukeje, Zubby Michael, Basket Mouth, Dorathy Bachor, Diane Russet, Omawumi, Jidekene Achufusi, Sam Dede, and Ronke Oshodi Oke, as well as featuring in comedy skits with other popular social media comedians like Daddy Wa, Mummy Wa, Modola, Dirty Grandma aka Ruth Dickson, Soft Jo comedian, Isbae U and many more others. 

Korex Comedian Age 

How Old Is Korex Comedian? What Is Korex Comedian Real Age? As of 2023, Korex Comedian real age is 28 Years Old. 

Korex Comedian Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Korex Comedian Birthday? What Is Korex Comedian Date Of Birth? Korex Comedian birthday is on March 24. His real date of birth is 24 March 1995. 
 I refuse to pretend like I wouldn’t like some droplets in my account . It’s my birthday and I want to be spoiled so ☝🏿 show some love my people 😁😁😁😁
And now a letter from me to me😁
Happy Birthday to you Akorede Ajayi Tega. I am glad that you have been blessed with life to see another year. I know it’s not been easy coming down this road because you know life isn’t easy but through the discomfort you have grown and I am proud of who you are and who you are becoming.
There is still more of yourself to explore and a lot of people to serve and you must prepare yourself for that. Last year was amazing as you made solid connections with people and practiced positive habits, you gave a lot and helped a lot. Thanks so much.
Enjoy today because it’s a gift and it’s your day be grateful for your family and friends that wish you well today and show gratitudes for all you have in your life so far.
You are not where you want to be but you are better than where you were. Thank God for that.
I love you so much man and I see you trying to be better everyday. Happy birthday once again man. Another chapter begins!
Your Sincerely
Akorede Ajayi Tega. 
I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I never want to take this for granted. Thank you for Showing Up

Korex Comedian Real Name 

What Is Korex Comedian Real Name? Korex Comedian Real Name is Akorede Anulopo Ogenetega Ajayi. 

Korex Comedian Zodiac Sign 

What Is Korex Comedian Zodiac Sign?

Korex Comedian Profession, Career 

He is a recognized and professional actor and content creator with a degree in acting. 

Korex Comedian Education, Family 

Just after completing his high school also known as secondary school education in Lagos, he furthered to obtain his Bachelor’s degree from Theatre Arts from the Redeemer’s University Ede, Afe Babalola University, within the period of 2012 – 2016.
Aside the striking resemblance between Korex Comedian and Mr Macaroni aka Adebowale Adeboye, he has also confirmed that he is a biological family member and related to Mr Macaroni. 
He also uses each of his birthday to celebrate and thank him. Here’s a few messages he has sent his brother Mr Macaroni on occasion of his birthday; “Happy birthday to you my brother and my friend, words can’t describe how much you mean to me. A true leader and humanitarian. You are a symbol of love and generosity everywhere you go because you truly care for and about the well-being of others above yourself. 
You are a blessing to our generation, a blessing to your parents and a blessing to your friends. For the times you listened without Judging and showing understanding, I say thank you brother. Your impact on the world is already being felt and I know this is just the beginning. I love you brother and I can wait to see how you explode on the pages of this new chapter of your life. Happy birthday once again ADEBOWALE ADEDAYO aka @mrmacaroni1
A KING!!!!
Happy birthday to you my brother, my blood my friend my boss. Honestly words can not fully describe how much you mean to me brother. Your exceptional spirit of leadership and genuine heart of love , kindness and selflessness if overwhelming. You constantly strive to change the narrative of oppression in all shapes and forms. More life and Grace, upon your life. I love you brother and greater heights 

Korex Comedian Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Korex Comedian From? What Is Korex Comedian State Of Origin From? Korex Comedian is originally from Ogun State Of Nigeria but he is currently based in Lagos Nigeria the former capital city. 

Korex Comedian Ethnicity 

What Is Korex Comedian Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Korex Comedian Tribe 

What Tribe Is Korex Comedian From? He is originally from the Yoruba tribe of South West. 

Korex Comedian Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Korex Comedian Father? Mother? Parents? Not available. 

Korex Comedian Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Korex Comedian Girlfriend? Korex Comedian relationship status is private as he prefers to keep his girlfriend identity hidden. 

Korex Comedian Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Korex Comedian Whatsapp Number? What Is Korex Comedian Phone Number? You can contact Korex Comedian through his Facebook, and Instagram pages of directly through his email available on any of his pages, you can not get his Whatsapp Number and Phone Number from this platform. 

Korex Comedian Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Korex Comedian Married? Who Is Korex Comedian Wife? Akorede Anulopo Ogenetega Ajayi professionally known as Korex Comedian or Otunba is not married so he does not have a wife at the moment. 

Korex Comedian Religion 

What Religion Is Korex Comedian? He is speculated to be a Christian as he is from a Muslim and Christian family and is free to choose his side. 

Korex Comedian Instagram 

Korex Comedian Instagram handle is Ajayi Akorede. 

Korex Comedian Boyfriends 

Who Is Korex Comedian Boyfriend? He is not romantically involved with boys. He has several boyfriends who are good friends and not romance. His sexual orientation is straight. 

Korex Comedian Height, Weight 

Korex Comedian height is about 5 ft 11″ or more while weighing around 85kg±. 

Korex Comedian Nationality 

Which Country Is Korex Comedian From? He is a Nigerian. 

Korex Comedian Net Worth 

What Is Korex Comedian Net Worth 2023? Akorede Anulopo Ogenetega Ajayi Professionally known as Otunba or Korex Comedian net worth is estimated to be approximately about $150,000 which is about N100, 000,000 as of 2023. 

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