Jojo Of Lele Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Boyfriend, Movies, State Of Origin, Net Worth.

Jojo Of Lele Biography, Joan In High School Musical Biography, Age, Real Name, Jojo Of Lele, Girlfriend, Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Jojo Of Lele aka Joan In High School Musical. 

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Who Is Jojo Of Lele? 

Jojo Of Lele is an upcoming Nigerian actress and a popular content creator who has been famous on TikTok and Instagram for her contents and lifestyle videos. 

Recently she has gained more visibility on social media for playing the role of Joan In High School Musical as produced and directed by Comedian Sirbalo Aka Timothy Obutuke and director sweet. 

Although Jojo Of Lele has been popular before featuring in the high school series for creating contents and giving alms on the street to people who need her help, but featuring in the new movies gave her additional visibility.


Basic Information

Real Name Josephine Sunday 
Famous As Jojo Of Lele
Age 25 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 15 September 1998 
Profession/Career Content Creator/Actor 
State Of Origin Eastern State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/85kg
Boyfriend Not Available (Single)
Sister Private 
Parents Mr And Mrs Sunday 
Lives In Lagos State 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $50,000 

Jojo Of Lele Biography 

Josephine Sunday born 15 September 1998 is a Nigerian professional actor and content creator who is professionally known as Jojo Of Lele, and popularly called Joan In High School Magical. 
She is also known as JojoOflele or Jossyniesnie is a Nigerian-born online content creator, actress, influencer, and music video vixen best known for her videos on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and other online platforms.
Jojo Of Lele is one of few upcoming content creators that go around helping people in need around her, transforming lives through her videos.
Going out on the street every day searching for good people and rewarding them is the aim of Jojo of Lele and it defines her content to her new followers across the world. You can’t help but to follow this beautiful soul. 
She is most often referred to as the most beautiful cast in the High School Magical she featured in with other upcoming content creators and actors like, Beryl Ama aka Chiamaka Anosike, Lilhezx aka Ebuka Henry, iam_kaybei, Venkaramel, Justking Phoebe, Israel Henry, Ademola Adebayo, Lois Itodo, Erica Opai Bale, and many others.


Jojo Of Lele as she is popularly known went viral on social media after a video she shared of herself helping a woman became an internet sensation. 
In the video, Jojo Oflele shows where she rewarded a woman through her fans with the sum of 710, 000 Naira in 2022. It started when she (Jojo of Lele) approach a girl hawking and ask for 100 Naira for transport, the girl’s mother was close and asked her daughter what was the problem as her daughter narrate the story to her mother, she was more than a giver with beautiful soul just as her daughter, she added more for Jojo Of Lele. 
Jojo Of Lele can’t help but to reward the woman with 5000 Naira and followed her to her house.
This particular video transformed the hawking woman and her children’s lives as viewers and fans contributed the sum of 710, 000 Naira for this beautiful family.
It was also a breakthrough video for Jojo Of Lele as more people followed her because of that particular video.

Jojo Of Lele Age 

How Old Is Jojo Of Lele? What Is Jojo Of Lele Real Age? Jojo Of Lele also known as Joan In High School Magical series is currently 24 Years Old, she will be celebrating her 25 Years Old birthday by 2023. 

Jojo Of Lele Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Jojo Of Lele Birthday? What Is Jojo Of Lele Date Of Birth? Jojo Of Lele birthday happened to be on the 15 September, while her real date of birth is on 15 September 1998. She organizes a little party annually in celebration of her birthday with her friends and family.


Jojo Of Lele Real Name 

What Is Jojo Of Lele Real Name? Jojo Of Lele Real Name is Josephine Sunday. 

Jojo Of Lele Zodiac Sign 

What Is Jojo Of Lele Zodiac Sign?

Jojo Of Lele Profession, Career 

She is a professional actor and a content creator on Instagram and TikTok. 

Jojo Of Lele Education, Family 

There’s currently no information on Jojo Of Lele family, but she completed her primary, secondary, and tertiary education and currently holds a B’sc degree from one of several prestigious educational institution in Nigeria. 

Jojo Of Lele Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Jojo Of Lele From? What Is Jojo Of Lele State Of Origin From? In as much as her real State of origin is not publicly available, Josephine Sunday is believed to be originally from South Eastern part of Nigeria, implying that could be from the Igbo tribe. Although the authenticity of this is yet to be verified.


Jojo Of Lele Ethnicity 

What Is Jojo Of Lele Ethnicity? She is of African ethnicity. 

Jojo Of Lele Tribe 

What Tribe Is Jojo Of Lele From? She is speculated to be from the Igbo tribe. 

Jojo Of Lele Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Jojo Of Lele Father? Mother? Parents? Not Available. 

Jojo Of Lele Boyfriend, Ex-boyfriend 

Who Is Jojo Of Lele Boyfriend? Jojo Of Lele whose real name is Josephine Sunday most likely have previously been in relationships, she has stated more recently that she is single and does not have a boyfriend. So her relationship status is single. 

Jojo Of Lele Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Jojo Of Lele Whatsapp Number? What Is Jojo Of Lele Phone Number? 

Jojo Of Lele Husband, Ex-Husband 

Is Jojo Of Lele Married? Who Is Jojo Of Lele Husband? At the moment, Josephine Sunday popularly known as Jojo Of Lele does not have a husband as she is still unmarried and single. She has not been previously married prior the date of this article. 

Jojo Of Lele Religion 

What Religion Is Jojo Of Lele? She is born of the Christian religion and still identifies as a Christian. 

Jojo Of Lele TikTok, Instagram 

She is active on Instagram and TikTok as Jojo Of Lele with huge followers. 

Jojo Of Lele Boyfriends 

Who Is Jojo Of Lele Boyfriend? She has said that she is single and does not have a boyfriend. 

Jojo Of Lele Height, Weight 

She stands tall at a height of over 5 ft 8″ tall while weighing over 65kg±. 

Jojo Of Lele Nationality 

Which Country Is Jojo Of Lele From? She is of Nigerian nationality. She is a full Nigerian.

Jojo Of Lele Net Worth 

What Is Jojo Of Lele Net Worth 2023? Josephine Sunday who is professionally called Jojo Of Lele or Joan In High School Magical net worth is estimated to be approximately about $50,000 in assets as of the time of this publication in 2023.


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