Father Ankrah Comedian Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend Comedy Videos, YouTube, Wikipedia, Comedy, Nationality, Wife, Origin, African Charlie Chaplin, Net Worth.

Father Ankrah Comedian Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend Comedy Videos, YouTube, Wikipedia, Comedy, Nationality, Wife, Origin, African Charlie Chaplin, Net Worth, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Father Ankrah aka African Charlie Chaplin. 

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Who Is Father Ankrah? 

Father Ankrah Comedian is a sensational and professional YouTuber and content creator who is gradually taking over the social media space using his creative content creation ideas on comedy videos. Comedian Father Ankrah is a famous TikTok Star who is popular for playing the role of African Charlie Chaplin in his comedy videos. Father Ankrah has become a sensation on social media imitating America’s famous Celebrity Charlie Chaplin. Just after opening his official YouTube handle on November 30, 2022 he gained over 1.9 million subscribers.

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Basic Information

Real Name Eric Duodu Ankrah
Famous As Father Ankrah 
Age 33 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 21 February 1990
Profession/Career Comedian/Content Creator 
State Of Origin Koforidua, Eastern Region, South Ghana
Height/Weight 5 ft 10″/85kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Brother Mr Stone 
Parents Mr And Mrs Ankrah
Lives In Kumasi  
Nationality Ghanaian 
Net Worth $200,000

Father Ankrah Biography 

Eric Duodu Ankrah born 21 February 1993 is a Ghanaian multi-talented internet celebrity professionally known as Comedian Father Ankrah for being a professional dancer, unicyclist, comedian, content creator, and YouTuber with over 1.2 million subscribers as of the time of the publication of this content. From the records, he has also amazed 878+ million views on his his official YouTube channel and 6.37k subscribers on another of his YouTube channel. 
Father Ankrah Comedian has been actively creating content on Facebook since far back 2012, before he ventured into YouTube in 2018. Father Ankrah as he is popularly known became famous through playing Charlie Chaplin of Africa role in his comedy skits on YouTube and on TikTok. 

Comedian Father Ankrah is a Ghanaian multi-talented personality who has risen to fame through the social media platform and internet, he is one of young celebrities in Ghana who has become famous as a result of social media promotion. He is originally from Koforidua, Eastern Region of South Ghana, but he currently lives in Kumasi alongside other famous celebrities. Father Ankrah aka African Charlie Chaplin started creating contents from mere write up on Facebook, sharing fun things he does, dancing, unicycling, and many other stuff that interested him.


However, sometime in 2018 he proceeded to sharing his videos on TikTok and on YouTube, this propelled him into shooting comedy videos as well, them the idea to pick up lines from Charlie Chaplin came in and in no time he was already making very entertaining video on the character of Charlie Chaplin of Africa. Father Ankrah who was now also known as African “Charlie Chaplin”, videos started blowing off and going viral on TikTok, he started gaining organic views on his YouTube channel and just five years from 2018, he has already attained over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

He has been officially recognized by YouTube for surprising 100k subscribers and 1 million subscribers on YouTube in the shortest space. In his recent videos, he is usually seen shooting with his brother, who is also known as Stone. 
Being that Father Ankrah was imitating the roles played by Charlie Chaplin, he had to put up with creating contents that does not support speaking. All of his comedy videos have always been silent comedy, and were really understood without him having to say a word, just like the the most followed TikTok Star, Khaby Lame. Comedian Father Ankrah maintained his silent comedy skits till date and still has more audience than a lot of content creator who create audio content. 

Father Ankrah Age 

How Old Is Father Ankrah? What Is Father Ankrah Real Age? The African Charlie Chaplin popularly known as Father Ankrah real age is 33 Years Old. Although it has been confirmed that he is over 30 Years Old, he is yet to confirm that he is currently 33 Years Old.


Father Ankrah Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Father Ankrah Birthday? What Is Father Ankrah Date Of Birth? The comedian Father Ankrah birthday is on 21 February, his real date of birth happens to be on 21 February 1990. 

Father Ankrah Real Name 

What Is Father Ankrah Real Name? Father Ankrah Real Name is Eric Duodu Ankrah. But most of his subscribers, fans, and followers mainly know him as African Charlie Chaplin or Father Ankrah. Before fame he identified as Glory Boy and was basically into dancing, unicycling, and, building body.

Father Ankrah Zodiac Sign 

What Is Father Ankrah Zodiac Sign? 

Father Ankrah Profession, Career 

Father Ankrah as he is popularly known now is a professional comedian, actor, MC, influencer, and promoter. 

Father Ankrah Education, Family 

Father Ankrah who was neglected as a child by his both parents, family, did not have the opportunity to get a standard education even though he was smart enough to learn to read and write, he just didn’t get the best education as a child as a result of the neglect from his family who were meant to cater for him.


Father Ankrah Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Father Ankrah From? What Is Father Ankrah State Of Origin From? Eric Duodu Ankrah professionally known as Father Ankrah Comedian is from an African origin. He hails from Koforidua a small settlement in the Eastern Region of South Ghana where he grew up alongside some family and friends before moving to other parts of the country where he attained maturity and catered for himself.


Father Ankrah Ethnicity 

What Is Father Ankrah Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. This is why he earned the name African Charlie Chaplin in his comedy videos.  

Father Ankrah Tribe 

What Tribe Is Father Ankrah From? Bring an indigene of the Koforidua settlement in Eastern Region Ghana, he speaks and understand the native tribe of the people called Twi.


Father Ankrah Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Father Ankrah Father? Mother? Parents? There’s no information available at the moment regarding Comedian Father Ankrah parents, family, Father, and Mother. 

Father Ankrah Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Father Ankrah Girlfriend? There’s no public information about Father Ankrah relationship status and his girlfriend. It is unsure if he has a girlfriend at the moment. 

Father Ankrah Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Father Ankrah Whatsapp Number? What Is Father Ankrah Phone Number? His Whatsapp number and phone number are publicly available on most of his official social media platforms. If you wish to contact Father Ankrah, you can directly contact him through his Whatsapp and phone number available on his social media platforms.


Father Ankrah Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Father Ankrah Married? Who Is Father Ankrah Wife? No, the popular Comedian Father Ankrah also known as African Charlie Chaplin is currently not married to anyone. He does not have a wife at the moment as he is not married yet. 

Father Ankrah Religion 

What Religion Is Father Ankrah? Christian. 

Father Ankrah TikTok, Instagram 

Being an internet celebrity whose fame and success is as a result of social media, Father Ankrah has his official page on almost every social media platforms, from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He is even more popular on YouTube with over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube alone, with over 878+ million views from all over the world.


Father Ankrah Boyfriends 

Who Is Father Ankrah Boyfriend? His sexual orientation is straight, he is not sexually or romantically involved with anyone of his same gender. He is not gay/homosexual. 

Father Ankrah Height, Weight 

Comedian Father Ankrah stands tall at a height of 5 ft 10″ while weighing over 90kg± currently. 

Father Ankrah Nationality 

Which Country Is Father Ankrah From? Father Ankrah nationality of origin is Ghana. He is from Ghana, an African country that is located in West Africa, sharing common boundaries with Nigeria.


Father Ankrah Net Worth 

What Is Father Ankrah Net Worth 2023? African Charlie Chaplin also known as Father Ankrah Net Worth as of 2023 the time of this publication is estimated to be approximately about $200,000, being earnings from his several social media channels. 

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