Deby Oscar Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram, Weight Loss, Brunella Oscar, Height, Father, Movies, Williams Uchemba, Sister, Nationality, Net Worth.

Deby Oscar Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram, Weight Loss, Brunella Oscar, Sister, Height, Father, Movies, Williams Uchemba, Nationality, Net Worth.

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Deby Oscar.  

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Who Is Deby Oscar? 

Deby Oscar is an actor and also a plus size model as you can now attest to some of her beautiful pictures which she slays effortlessly in. Blessed with facial beauty and endowed body structure, Debby calls herself ” daughter of the most high”. 

She is popularly known for being the younger sister to Brunella Oscar aka Brunella Uchemba, Williams Uchemba wife. 

Basic Information

Real Name Deborah Oscar
Famous As Deby Oscar
Age 28 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 12 November 1995
Profession/Career Actress/Content Creator 
State Of Origin Anambra State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/80kg
Boyfriend Uche Hector 
Sister Brunella Oscar 
Parents Mr And Mrs Apostle Oscar 
Lives In London, United Kingdom. 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $150,000

Deby Oscar Biography 

Deborah Oscar born 12 November 1995 is an Italian born Nigerian social media content creator and actor professionally known as Deby Oscar, who lives in London, United Kingdom. Deby Oscar as she is famously known is the youngest sister of Brunella Oscar Uchemba, Williams Uchemba wife. She is Williams Uchemba’s sister in-law. 
Deborah Oscar is a social media personality and model who also makes short comedy skit for her fans on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.
She was born on the 12th of November 1995 she is currently late 20’s as she is 28 Years Old. The young lady also a vlogger and she do some lifestyle talks, fitness coaching and fashion modelling on her Instagram and YouTube page.
Deborah Oscar is also entrepreneur and currently based in the United kingdom where she is completing her education. Deby Oscar is an entrepreneur that is enthusiastic about fashion, make up, comedy skits. 
Here’s a brief introduction she made of herself, “Hello I am Deby, I’m 27 years old and I have been acting since I was a child. Having been born in Italy I am fluent in Italian as well as English. I graduated from Alra Drama school where I did the three year acting course. And since then I have been working full time as an actor. I make short comic videos online for social media and I have gathered a bit of a following doing so”.

Deby Oscar Age 

How Old Is Deby Oscar? What Is Deby Oscar Real Age? Williams Uchemba’s sister in-law, Deby Oscar age is 27 years old at the time of publication of this article, she will be 28 Years Old by 2023.


Deby Oscar Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Deby Oscar Birthday? What Is Deby Oscar Date Of Birth? Deby Oscar birthday is 12 November, and always celebrated yearly with her family and friends. Her real date of birth is 12 November 1995. 

Deby Oscar Real Name 

What Is Deby Oscar Real Name? Deby Oscar Real Name is Deborah Oscar.

Deby Oscar Zodiac Sign 

What Is Deby Oscar Zodiac Sign?

Deby Oscar Profession, Career 

Deborah Oscar is a professional actor, comedy content creator, make up artist, fashion model, and social media influencer.  

Deby Oscar Education, Family 

Deby Oscar had all her education abroad in different foreign countries ranging from Italy to London United Kingdom. She happens to be the last girl child of her family of four, three girls and one boy, who are all based in the United Kingdom.


Deby Oscar Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Deby Oscar From? What Is Deby Oscar State Of Origin From? Although she was born in Italy and is by right a citizen of the country, she still remains a Nigerian by origin as both of her parents are Nigerians. 
As a Nigerian, she originally hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.  

Deby Oscar Ethnicity 

What Is Deby Oscar Ethnicity? She is of African ethnicity. 

Deby Oscar Tribe 

What Tribe Is Deby Oscar From? Deborah Oscar is an Igbo girl and speaks Igbo fluently, however as a result of being born and raised in Italy, she also speaks English and Italian fluently.


Deby Oscar Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Deby Oscar Father? Mother? Parents? On top and under this write up are pictures of Deby Oscar Parents, father, mother, sisters, and brother at the event of her father, Apostle Oscar’s 60th birthday on 03 February 2022, in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Deby Oscar Boyfriend, Ex-boyfriend 

Who Is Deby Oscar Boyfriend? Not available. 

Deby Oscar Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Deby Oscar Whatsapp Number? What Is Deby Oscar Phone Number? Deby Oscar Whatsapp number and phone number are not available to the general public and can not be given out on this site. 

Deby Oscar Husband, Ex-Husband 

Is Deby Oscar Married? Who Is Deby Oscar Wife? Deborah Oscar is currently not married but she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Uche Hector, with whom she hopes to get married to. But he is yet to propose to her yet. 

Deby Oscar Religion 

What Religion Is Deby Oscar? She is a Christian. 

Deby Oscar TikTok, Instagram 

Deby Oscar is quite popular on both Instagram and TikTok with over 700k followers on TikTok alone and 152k followers on Instagram. 

Deby Oscar Boyfriends 

Who Is Deby Oscar Boyfriend? Her boyfriend’s name is Uche Hector, they have been in a romantic relationship for a while now but they are yet to take the relationship to the next level as they are not ready for it at the moment.

Deby Oscar Height, Weight 

Deby Oscar stands at an average height of 5 ft 8 ” as a lady while weighing about 87kg±. 

Deby Oscar Nationality 

Which Country Is Deby Oscar From? Miss Deborah Oscar is partly Italian and partly Nigerian, however she has spent a significant years of her life in London, United Kingdom with her family. 

Deby Oscar Net Worth 

What Is Deby Oscar Net Worth 2023? Deborah Oscar net worth of of 2023 it’s estimated to be approximately about $150,000 or more in both cash and assets.


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