Eric Shol Biography, Age, Real Name, Sister, Family, Girlfriend, Nationality, Net Worth.

Eric Shol Biography, Eric Shol, Age, Real Name, Gracyyaababy, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Eric Shol aka Eric Shol. 

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Who Is Eric Shol? 

Eric Shol is a famous pencil artist celebrity from Ghana who is famous for making hyper realistic pencil art drawings and sharing on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Basic Information

Real Name Eric Amoafo
Famous As Eric Shol
Age 26 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 29 May 1997
Profession/Career Artist/Influencer  
State Of Origin Greater Accra Region 
Height/Weight 6 ft 1″/85kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Grace Yaa Baby TikTok 
Parents Mr And Mrs Amoafo 
Lives In Accra 
Nationality Ghanaian  
Net Worth $100,000

Eric Shol Biography 

Eric Shol Amoafo born 29 May 1997 is a Ghanaian professional pencil artist and social media celebrity who is famously known as just Eric Shol for his hyper realistic pencil art drawings of people. Eric Shol is one of several Ghanaian’s who have become celebrities in their country through promoting their personal skills and talents on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube like Gracy Yaa Baby, Naa Dromo, etc and many others. 
Unknown to most people Eric Shol happens to be the biological brother of a TikTok Star famously called Grace Yaa Baby aka Gracyyaababy whose real name is Shelby Attram Amoafo. Sometime in 2022, the both made a post on Instagram where they revealed that were biological siblings from same parents. Before then fans had mistaken them as mere friends until they revealed the relationship between them. 
Although the now popular celebrity pencil artist, Eric Shol is a graduate of Bepong Senior High School, in Ghana he still finds himself better as an artist. According to him, artistry is something he considered as a mere hobby and does it for fun since his childhood, as he finds it fun putting his creativity into paper work. However, over the years his exceptional artistry skill has led him to work with several business brands on social media as an influencer just after he became famous for his hyper realistic pencil arts. 
In September 2021, Eric Shol made the headlines as one of Ghana’s social media celebrity to be paid by Instagram for each post he makes. It was news that the celebrity pencil artist was making a whooping sum of $1,500 for each post he makes on his Instagram page. 

Eric Shol Age 

How Old Is Eric Shol? What Is Eric Shol Real Age? Currently Eric Shol Age is 26 Years Old as of 2023. Eric Shol is currently 26 Years Old as of 2023. 

Eric Shol Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Eric Shol Birthday? What Is Eric Shol Date Of Birth? His birthday is on 29 May, his real date of birth is 29 May 1997.


Eric Shol Real Name 

What Is Eric Shol Real Name? Eric Shol Real Name is Eric Shol Amoafo. 

Eric Shol Zodiac Sign 

What Is Eric Shol Zodiac Sign?

Eric Shol Profession, Career 

Eric Shol Amoafo is a professional pencil artist and a social media influencer who has become a celebrity on social media for his hyper realistic pencil art drawings made with his hands. 

Eric Shol Education, Family 

Eric Shol Amoafo is a graduate of Bepong Senior High, in Ghana. Although there is no information about his biological family, sometime in 2022 he publicly admitted that Shelby Attram Amoafo professionally known as Grace Yaa Baby TikTok or Gracyyaababy, is his biological sister/sibling. 

Eric Shol Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Eric Shol From? What Is Eric Shol Origin From? Eric Shol Amoafo is originally from Greater Accra Region of Ghana. 

Eric Shol Ethnicity 

What Is Eric Shol Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Eric Shol Tribe 

What Tribe Is Eric Shol From? 

Eric Shol Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Eric Shol Father? Mother? Parents? There’s no information about Eric Shol Amoafo and his sister’s father, mother, and parents, Mr and Mrs Amoafo. 


Eric Shol Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Eric Shol Girlfriend? It remains unclear as of whether Eric Shol is in a romantic relationship or not at the moment, but he has been spotted severally in romantic positions with girls whom have not been confirmed to be his girlfriend like in the image above. 

Eric Shol Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Eric Shol Whatsapp Number? What Is Eric Shol Phone Number? You can directly contact Eric Shol through his phone number on WhatsApp from his profile on social media.


Eric Shol Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Eric Shol Married? Who Is Eric Shol Wife? Eric Shol is currently not married to anyone and does not have a wife. 

Eric Shol Religion 

What Religion Is Eric Shol? He identifies with the religion of the Christians, Christianity.  

Eric Shol TikTok, Instagram 

Eric Shol Amoafo is a social media personality and hence he is active on almost on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Eric Shol Boyfriends 

Who Is Eric Shol Boyfriend? 

Eric Shol Height, Weight 

Eric Shol Amoafo height is 6 ft 1″ while he weighs about 85kg±. 

Eric Shol Nationality 

Which Country Is Eric Shol From? Eric Shol Amoafo is a Ghanaian by birth. His nationality is Ghana.


Eric Shol Net Worth 

What Is Eric Shol Net Worth 2023? Eric Shol Amoafo professionally known as just Eric Shol net worth is estimated to be approximately about $100,000 as of the year 2023. 

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