Demzy Baye Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Endurance Grand Boyfriend, Height, TikTok, Nationality, Net Worth.

Demzy Baye Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Endurance Grand Boyfriend, Height, TikTok, Nationality, Net Worth, Comedy Videos, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Demzy Baye aka Demzy Baye TikTok Dancer. 

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Who Is Demzy Baye? 

Demzy Baye a famous dancer on TikTok and Instagram is a Ghanaian talented dancer and instructor who happens to be a dance instructor at Dance With A Purpose (DWP) dance group in Ghana. Demzy Baye famously known for being a good dancer and instructor in Ghana and also as an artist. He has his most recent songs is currently making waves on TikTok with a lot of TikTokers hopping on it with a duet.


Basic Information

Real Name Derrick Eyram Asare 
Famous As Demzy Baye 
Age 31 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 19 May 1997
Profession/Career   Dancer/Content Creator
State Of Origin Ho, Volta Region, Ghana
Height/Weight 5 ft 10″/85kg
Girlfriend Endurance Grand TikTok. 
Tribe Ewe  
Parents Mr And Mrs Ebiye
Lives In Accra 
Nationality Ghanaian 
Net Worth $100,000

Demzy Baye Biography 

Derrick Eyram Asare burn 19 May 1997 is a professional Ghanaian artist, dancer and instructor at Dance With A Purpose DWP) Dance group popularly known for recruiting and teaching young ones how to dance through his online hosted video dance tutorials. Although his real name is Derrick Eyram Asare, he is famously known as Demzy Baye. 
 He came into limelight after he joined DWP Academy in Ghana. He started his YouTube channel since 2016 with few subscribers, but he currently has 54k subscribers and more than 5 million views in his channel. As of 2023, Demzy Baye has received over 250k followers on Instagram alone and a whooping 1.8 million followers on TikTok after he met with his lover, Endurance Grand. 

In recent time, Demzy Baye has been trending on social media due to the rumor of him getting married to a fellow TikTok Star, Endurance Grand. Endurance Grand is a more popular TikToker who has a lot more followers on social media than Demzy Baye. After Demzy Baye revealed that Endurance Grand is his girlfriend, and they started making couple videos together. It led a lot of his their fans believing that they will be getting married soon. This came up after Endurance Grand and her boyfriend Demzy Baye posted dance a video of themselves in a traditional attire as in that of a traditional wedding.


Demzy Baye Age 

How Old Is Demzy Baye? What Is Demzy Baye Real Age? 

Demzy Baye Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Demzy Baye Birthday? What Is Demzy Baye Date Of Birth?

Demzy Baye Real Name 

What Is Demzy Baye Real Name? Demzy Baye Real Name is Demzy Baye?

Demzy Baye Zodiac Sign 

What Is Demzy Baye Zodiac Sign?

Demzy Baye Profession, Career 

Demzy Baye Education, Family 

Demzy Baye Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Demzy Baye From? What IsDemzy Baye State Of Origin From? 

Demzy Baye Ethnicity 

What Is Demzy Baye Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Demzy Baye Tribe 

What Tribe Is Demzy Baye From? 

Demzy Baye Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Demzy Baye Father? Mother? Parents? 

Demzy Baye Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Demzy Baye Girlfriend? 

Demzy Baye Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Demzy Baye Whatsapp Number? What Is Demzy Baye Phone Number?

Demzy Baye Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Demzy Baye Married? Who Is Demzy Baye Wife?

Demzy Baye Religion 

What Religion Is Demzy Baye?

Demzy Baye TikTok, Instagram 

Demzy Baye Boyfriends 

Who Is Demzy Baye Boyfriend? 

Demzy Baye Height, Weight 

Demzy Baye Nationality 

Which Country Is Demzy Baye From?

Demzy Baye Net Worth 

What Is Demzy Baye Net Worth 2023? 

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