Tips To Becoming Rich As A Blogger 2023 Explained

How to Become Rich As A Blogger

Dear Blogger, 

I know how it feels. You see screenshots of legit income earnings from Fathers in the field of blogging and automatically think if you can make similar income, you’ll be a rich man… or woman. 

But sorry to tell you, You’re Getting It Wrong! 

You see, whenever I have the opportunity to advise new bloggers I usually tell them one crucial fact, and I want to share it with you today. 

The goal of blogging is not to make you rich. Instead, the goal of blogging is to Raise Capital! 

Please read it again…. 

The goal of blogging is to Raise Capital. 

That is… blogging is a means to an end, and not the end in itself. 

You see, the misconception many people have about blogging is caused by the inability to understand…or distinguish…between active income and passive income. 

Active income is an income that is tied to some sort of labor. It is an income generated by regularly engaging in some form of work or activity. Once the work or activity ceases, before long, the income ceases to flow as well. 

And blogging in most cases clearly fall under this category. 

Passive income on the other hand, is an income that’s free from active labor. Whether you work or not, the income continues to flow. 

Your goal therefore is to make money as a blogger, and then convert that income into passive income as efficiently as possible. 

And the best way to do this, is through other forms of investments. 

In other words, your grand purpose of blogging should be to raise capital to invest, and not to make money for you to spend and enjoy life. 

Don’t worry, if you make the right investments, combined, your cumulative investments will be make more than enough passive income for you to shop, chop and enjoy life. 

And when your pool of passive income continue to make more than enough to cover your monthly cost of living without you working one bit, and leave a lot of cash left for your sole pleasure, that’s when it can now be said that you’re rich. 

At this point, you deserve all the congratulations and accolades you can get for using your blogging income wisely.


P. S. If you’d like to learn the strategies you need to start raising enough capital as a blogger, I’d like to encourage you to join our blogging club…where I teach you in a very practical way, how to implement most of these strategies correctly so they start producing results for you. 


Vincent Chukwuma is a professional blogger and content marketing consultant that have spent the past 14 years in the trenches of marketing. He has spent millions marketing various products online both for himself and others. His new-found hobby lies in helping people become successful marketers, and reap the benefits thereof.

When he’s not busy on social media dishing out helpful marketing insights that will help people grow their businesses, you can find him at the other side of the internet discussing about politics and engaging people in intense, but respectful political debates.

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