Simple Blogging Tips On How to Get Free Traffic In 2023

How to Get Free Traffic In 2023 

Traffic is the life of every online business. 

The more traffic you get, the more you stand to make from blogging and digital marketing. 

With more traffic, you can build your contact list, both via email and WhatsApp. You can then monetize this list by sending them to your site, marketing your stuffs to them and even forming joint venture partnerships with others in your space. 

So how do get free traffic to your site? 

And most especially, how do you do that FAST in 2023? 

I’ll tell you…

You see, when we talk of free traffic most people have a very ancient perspective on what free traffic is, and this old perspective end up limiting their growth and progress. 

To these people, they see free traffic as traffic in which they have to spend zero amount to get. 

On the other hand, Pro Bloggers and digital marketers see free traffic as traffic that cost NET zero. 

And the subtle difference between these views is HUGE! 

Let me explain… 

Instead of waiting for traffic in which I’ll spend Zero Naira to get, I’d rather focus on traffic that I’ll spend 1K to get and get my 1K back at the end of the day. 

Read it again, because this is huge. 

If I spend 1K to get traffic to my site, and at the end of the day, I get the 1K back, it means that the cost to me is still zero, because I recovered the exact amount I spent in driving that traffic. 

With this, you can scale up and get traffic to your site FAST, while you build your contact list in the process. 

And since the net cost is zero, it means the traffic that comes to the site is technically free, and with this, I can build a contact list that I can still build relationship with and market stuffs to down the line. 

So the question now is… 

How do you recover the amount you spent on traffic so that the net cost will be zero? 

The answer is by having a self-liquidating offer. 

A self liquidating offer is the instrument through which you get back the exact amount you spent building you spent on traffic, and with this, your cost becomes zero while you also get the chance to build a responsive contact list. 

The concept of self liquidating offer is something I explain in details in my updated blogging course and would be useful to those bloggers and digital marketers that want to excel in 2023.

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