Tips On How to Protect Yourself From Blog Buying Fraud

How to Protect Yourself From Adsense/Blog Buying Fraud

Just this afternoon, someone confided in me that he spent N345,000 to buy a blog and Adsense account that throughout it’s lifetime, made a paltry sum of $33.


I was so shocked! And disapointed as well at what the industry is turning into.


There seem to be a huge industry out there that milk and extort money from new bloggers when they try to buy a blog or Adsense account.


It is for this reason that I personally don’t recommend buying an Adsense account.


The sad part of the whole thing is that the blog was established in 2017. And for the entire 5 years of its existence, it made only $33.


Yet the owner had the mind to collect 345,000 for such blog/Adsense account.


And it is for this reason that I want to inform you of what to know if you decide to buy a blog or Adsense account.


Listen, the truth is that blogs are sold for a multiple of 4 or 5 times their yearly income.


For example, if a blog makes $1,000 for a whole year, if you want to buy it, the highest amount would be $4,000 or $5,000 maximum!


This my friend just bought a blog that made $33 lifetime which amounts to $6 per year for 345K.


Which only if he was aware of the industry rate, the blog is worth just $24 which when converted to Naira is around 15K.


If I were the one, I won’t buy the blog/Adsense account for more than 15K. Anything more than that is pure fraud!


And the worse part of it is that after making payment, all the posts on the blog was deleted, and he was given an empty blog with a low earning Adsense account.


Which is like starting a new blog from scratch and the price paid for it isn’t justified.


That’s why I’m writing this to warn you. There’s a huge industry out there, waiting to extort gullible bloggers hundredsof thousands of Naira for something that’s not worth the amount.


They feast on your desperation, they feast on your ignorance, and they feast on your inability to wait and get your account verified yourself.


Let me repeat it again, if you want to buy a blog, the amount is usually 4X it’s yearly income, or 30X Its monthly income.


Don’t be fooled. Don’t buy something that’s not worth it out of desperation.


And before you make payment, ensure you’re getting everything which includes the domain name, the hosting, the contents on it, as well as the Adsense account or affiliate account, depending on how the blog is being monetized.


And one more thing….


Do not make payments to the seller directly!


Always ensure to use an escrow service to protect yourself so you can always recover your money in case you did not get everything you’re supposed to get from the seller.


I really feel sorry for this buyer as he was taken to the cleaners by those who feast on the ignorance of new bloggers!

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