Money Making Strategies In Blogging For Passive Income.

 Money Making Strategies In Blogging For Passive Income. 

Dear bloggers,


The worst way to make money from blogging with Adsense is to think like a blogger.


This is what I told a client in one of our consulting sessions.


When you think like a blogger, you’re most likely to miss the money as you’d be bound chasing inconsequential things like your blog typography and the color of your blog footer.


I’m not saying these stuffs aren’t necessary in some cases.


But if you want to make serious money from Adsense as a blogger, you’re best served by thinking LIKE AN ADVERTISER!


Here’s why…


Your CPC is technically not determined by Google. It is determined by the Advertisers whose ads are showing on your site.


All Google simply does is to use it’s algorithm to insert those ads in your blog post.


And that brings us to the main question:


If you want ads with CPC of $1 and above to get shown on your site, what should you do?


Like I said above…you have to think like an Advertiser!


When you think like an advertiser, you’d realize that an advertiser’s ads gets shown on your site for one major reason: to get leads and clients for their business.


So to make more money from Adsense, the first thing you should do is to identify how much the companies in your target niche are spending on adverts.


For example, in the internet niche, the amount spent on adververt increased to over 14 Billion dollars in 2021.


So in your niche, if this amount is growing, then there’s a likelihood that the companies in that niche are willing to spend more to acquire a customer.


Next, ask yourself what the average order value of the companies in your niche are.


If the businesses in that niche are selling a $20 item, then it won’t make any sense for them to bid $1 or more per click, as not every click would result in a customer for them.


However, if the average item they’re selling is a $2,000 item, then they can afford to bid $1 or more to get clicks.


So even if they get just one customer out of 100 clicks, it means they’d spend $100 on those clicks but end up making $2,000…which sounds like a good investment to me.


Next, ask your self… what does the target customers of the companies in your niche look like?


Who are they? Are they male or females?


How old are they?


Where in the world are they located?


Once you’ve determined these, you then ask yourself… what kind of content or post will these audience find interesting?


After publishing those contents, your next task is to get those target audience to visit your blog.


By so doing, you’d get high CPC ads to get shown on your site frequently in order to target your site visitors.


The reason why the CPC in Nigeria is generally low is because many of our companies and industries aren’t so much into digital adverts.


And the few that do (like Whogohost, Bet9ja and Leadway Assurance) can afford to bid so low because the supply of blogs in Nigeria is far greater than the demand of advert placement from Nigerian companies.


Also, the average price of their products cannot afford them the luxury of spending $1 or more per click.


Only foreign companies targeting Nigerians can bid $1 and above in most cases.


And it is only when you truly understand the needs of the advertisers in your niche can you then begin to write the kind of content and attract the kind of visitors that will prompt Google to display their high CPC ads on your site.

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