Tiny Tips On How To Build Blogs That Will Last Without Writing Daily Articles

Blogging Secrets:

How I was able to build a blog that keeps generating income for the past 5 years without me doing anything else

There are two forms of blogging. There is passive blogging, and there is active blogging.

Passive blogging is when you do all the work once, and that work continues to generate income for you every month with little or no involvement on your part.

On the other hand, active blogging is when you have to actively work on your blog for it to generate income. If you stop work (e.g. running of ads), the income stops.

For me, I choose passive blogging. And I’m going to share some tips with you here.

If you want your blog to be consistent source of income for you, you have to switch from blogging about trending news and celebrity gossips to BLOGGING ABOUT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES!

For example, one of the best performing posts I’ve ever written as a blogger is a post on ‘Best TV’.

Now why did this post perform so well and continue to spin out cash like a broken tap?

Its because there’s an insatiable demand for TV, especially in US.

Think about it for once…

Everyday, people turn 18 years in the US. When they turn 18, they are technically an adult.

By 20 to 27, they are already looking to leave their parents house and rent their own apartment.

And guess what’s the first thing they’d want to buy to furnish the house with?

A big Fat Television to impress and entertain themselves and their friends.

So guess what?

They go to google and search for the best TV to buy.

When they do, posts like mine pop up. And when they read about the TV brands I’ve written about and decide to purchase one, I get paid a commission for it.

This is exactly how I’ve been able to sell over 200 Million naira worth of physical products online with my blog.

And guess what?

That TV post took me 45 minutes to write.

I wrote it in 2017, and build backlinks to it for it to rank higher in Google.

And ever since, it has been a consistent source of income for my blog without me doing almost anything else. 

And it will continue to generate income provided it continues to rank higher in Google, and provided there are people searching to get a new TV.

This is one of the secrets of passive blogging.

And I hope you found it useful. If you do, please let me know in the comments below.

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