Little Safety Tips For Profitable Blogging Tips In 2023

Tiny Blogging Tips

An arbitrage client came to me few days ago, complaining of his adsense earnings.

So I agreed to take a look at his site.

From outward appearance, everything looked good. But his income was not increasing with the volume of traffic he was sending to the site via ads.

Then I decided to dig further and investigate what the issue was.

While digging, I noticed the problem was from his theme. His theme had this little settings that allowed Lazy Loading of Images.

What this meant is that as people are visiting his site, the images won’t load at the same time with other contents on the page.

Basically, the images will load last.

And since he’s primary using Adsense display ads, this meant the adsense ads were displaying lastly on the page when the visitor must have scrolled past…and in extreme cases, the ads show when the visitors are done reading the page and are about to close it.

Imagine setting adsense to show at the header of your page, only for it to show when visitors have scrolled past the header and are now at the middle or bottom of the page.

This seriously affected his earnings…and he didn’t know what to do.

So I just unchecked the option to lazy load images, and have all images, including those from adsense to display immediately the rest of the page is loading.

The result of this was that his adsense income skyrocketed by over 500% within few days.

Just a little setting was responsible for the loss that came with running ads without any return on investment.

So for those of you doing adsense arbitrage with wordpress, you might want to check your wordpress theme again for any settings that may hinder your efforts and nullify your hard work.

In 2023, normalize paying for traffic as a blogger or digital marketer.

Here’s why…

1. It is fast and scalable.

Not only will it put your content in front of thousands of people, it will do that faster than organic methods will.

2. It is effective.

You put in one naira in the morning, by evening you can expect to make 2 naira or more depending on the depth of your funnel.

3. It will make your dreams come true sooner.

Need cash to get married, buy a house, a car or finance any other project, paid traffic is one of your best bet.

2023 shouldn’t be like other years where you make new year resolution on the 1st and forget them by the 15th of the month.

If you have a goal to change your life completely in 2023, then paid traffic and joint venture partnerships shouldn’t be an option. They should be THE option.

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