10 Easy Blogging Tips To Build A Successful Blog In 2023

Let’s show you how to can easily set up and run a very successful blog of your own in 2023 in this 10 easy steps.

If you want to be successful in blogging in 2023, follow these steps:

1. Simplify your strategies and eliminate complexities

Success is not about hard work, but about smart work. In blogging, smartness means figuring out what works and putting in the effort to make it successful.

2. Pick an untapped entity

New things are emerging every day, and those who understand this rule are able to capture a large portion of conversions in their field. The three basic pillars of life are “food, clothing, and shelter.” Every other micro niche you can imagine are semantically linked to these three. Choose one of these pillars, extract their semantics and research the top-ranked blogs for further insightful analyses.

3. Research your entity network graph

Every blog site on the internet falls under a specific network graph, meaning if they create content outside their niche that’s not related or connected to the entity. They will have less chances of being favored by the algorithm long-term. From experience, content of this nature is usually de-indexed. Find your competitors and learn more about your niche.

4. Spy on the top-performing pages and use them as your pillar content

Before entering any industry, it’s smart to research its potential. If a strategy is working for site A, there’s a 30% chance that it will work for you too. Set a content structure target for your pillar pages, between 50-100, and replicate your competitors’ top-performing topics.

5. Learn how to analyze semantics using knowledge graphs

This is a must-do strategy for every SEO professional. Use chatGPT and Google knowledge panels to discover new ideas and variations for your pillar content.

6. Understand your keyword intent

There are four major search intents: informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial. If you want to drive optimum traffic, optimize your blog intent with informational and navigational keywords related to your target entities. And, if your goal is to drive sales, then explore commercial and transactional keywords, which are usually based on affiliate, drop-servicing and CPA promotion offers.

7. Master content creation

AI writes better than humans 110%, but using AI as a writing tool will enhance your efficiency. AI has all the necessary NLP’s incorporated into its algorithm for your target keywords, and you can fix readability issues with your own knowledge. Write in short terms with the support of AI and provide precise information on your focus keywords and variations.

8. Implement topical mapping

Linking relevant topics to pillar content through internal linking enhances credibility and authority. This is an important practice for your SEO blog. Ensure that you cover variations of your topic and connect them all together for a more comprehensive reading experience.

9. Engage in constant outreach for link building opportunities

You need to reach out to blogs you want to get links from and secure a deal. Especially the ones that have the best-performing content. Offer your anchor text for referencing in exchange for a compelling offer. Don’t neglect link building to your pillar content if you want to become a successful blogger.

10. Engage in Traffic Banking

A popular saying among bloggers reads “The money is in the list”. Start collecting email leads using tools like Mautic or Sendy using amazon AWS as SMTP and also engage your subscribers via push notifications with WonderPush or Notixs. This is crucial for your blogging business as it allows you to control and segment your audience based on their interests, making your blogging journey a more effective and successful business.
Lastly, Rinse and Repeat: If something is working, keep doing it until it stops working. Continue building your blog following this repeatable strategy.
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