Unice Wani Biography, Age, Mama Unice, Real Name, TikTok, Height, Model, Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Parents, Net Worth.

Unice Wani Biography, Age, Mama Unice, Real Name, TikTok, Height, Model, Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Parents,  Net Worth. 

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On this article today we will be writing on all about Unice Wani. Biography Of Unice Wani, Age, Mama Unice, Real Name, Boyfriend, Husband, Nationality, Ethnicity, Country, Birthday, Height, Wikipedia, Parents, Father, Mother, Cars, Birthday, Instagram, Latest Pictures, Videos, TikTok, Model, Rendi Popping, Date Of Birth, Origin, Tribe, Family, Net Worth. 

Who Is Unice Wani? 

Unice Wani, a 20-year-old model from Uganda-Australian, caught our attention after she posted a video of herself performing the well-known and now widely recognized hit single Love Nwantiti by Nigerian singer and producer Ckay. 

Before being rightfully put on the Nigerian singer for people like Perth-based Wani to discover, the hit song received credits from producers and DJs all over the world. 

Due to her talent, beauty, and the magnetic energy that emanates from her videos, Unice has amassed over 600,000 followers in just one year since she first became popular on the app for dancing and lip-syncing to popular TikTok trends.

Because she is a dark-skinned, Black woman online, the model uses her platform to raise awareness of colorism and the occasionally abusive comments she receives. 

In a chat with some news men, Wani stated: “You tend to get a lot of “shadowbans” for saying things like racism… They must be more interested in dances and other events involving white girls. 

Although Unice continues to upload videos of her Black girl joy and inspire others while doing so, she nonetheless maintains her dominance. 

Basic Information 

Real Name Eunice Wani 
Famous As Unice Wani/Mama Unice 
Age 21 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 09 August 2002
Profession/Career Dancer/Influencer/Fashion Model 
State Of Origin Australian WA
Height/Weight 6 ft 4″/90kg
Boyfriend Not Available
Sister Resca Beauty TikTok
Parents Mr And Mrs Wani
Lives In United States
Nationality Australian
Net Worth $300,000

Unice Wani Biography 

Eunice Wani born 09 August 2002 is a professional United States based dancer, influencer, and fashion model, who is originally Ugandan-Australian by birth. 
Although Eunice Wani is a professional fashion model, dancer, and influencer that is popularly known as Unice Wani or Mama Unice following her official TikTok and Instagram handles, she is more famously known as a TikTok content creator. 
Mama Unice aka Unice Wani as of this present time of this publication, has gained over 8.0 million followers on her verified TikTok handle, after her exceptional looks gave her away to social media trend sometime in 2021 and 2022. 
Mama Unice Wani whose real name is Eunice Wani is a verified TikTok content creator who blew up to fame from dancing with some other famous dancers and to several African songs. 
She earned fame on TikTok and Instagram after she was seen dancing so well to a song “Love Nwantiti” by a Nigerian artist famous artist Ckay who is known to produce numerous hit songs. 

As regards to her fame, dancing to songs, modeling, and influencing can not be said to be the only reason for her fame. Unice Wani gained popularity on TikTok owing to her exceptional looks. 
She could easily get the attention of her viewers because of her so dark skin color adding to the fact that, Mama Unice is a 6 ft 5″ young lady, way above average height of most men. 
Eunice Wani aka Unice Wani has collaborated to lots of influential TikTok creators like Rendi Popping, Tracy Joseph TikTok, Fynn Avery aka Fynnaves, Fash, Demi Skinner aka Demiskinner TikTok and several others to make dance videos.

Unice Wani Age 

Unice Wani aka Mama Unice as she is also known is currently 20 Years Old as of 2022, although she will be celebrating 21 Years birthday by 2023. 

Unice Wani Birthday, Date Of Birth 

Eunice Wani celebrates her birthday on 09 August annually, her real date of birth is 09 August 2002.

Unice Wani Real Name 

Mama Unice aka Unice Wani real name is Eunice Wani, originally from Uganda-Australia. 

Unice Wani Zodiac Sign 

Her zodiac sign as determined by her birth date is Leo. 

Unice Wani Profession, Career 

Unice Wani is multi-skilled content creator professionally known as a fashion model, dancer, and influencer which she is paying so much attention to right now. 

Unice Wani Education, Family 

Details about her family and education will be updated as soon as possible. 

Unice Wani Origin, State Of Origin 

Unice Wani hails from Australia WA. 

Unice Wani Ethnicity 

The TikTok Star Eunice Wani, is of African-Australian ethnicity.


Unice Wani Tribe 

Not Available.

Unice Wani Parents, Father, Mother 

Mr And Mrs Wani. 

Unice Wani Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Unice Wani happens to be friends with Tiktok content creators like Tracy Joseph and Demi Skinner who happens to also be Australian. But she is not romantically involved with them as she is not a lesbian. 

Unice Wani Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

Not available. If you seek to contact Unice Wani you can directly do that from her Instagram official account or through her management agency. 

Unice Wani Husband, Ex-husband 

Unice Wani is currently not married, so she does not have a husband. 

Unice Wani Religion 

Not Available.

Unice Wani TikTok, Instagram 

Eunice Wani is currently active on TikTok and Instagram as Unice Wani with large fan base. 

Unice Wani Boyfriends 

While Unice Wani sexual orientation is straight, there’s no information about her boyfriend, or if she is in any romantic relationship with any man. 

Unice Wani Height, Weight 

Mama Unice aka Unice Wani stands tall at a height of about 6 ft 5″ while weighing about 90kg.


Unice Wani Nationality 

Unice Wani is of Australian Nationality. 

Unice Wani Net Worth 

For the professional fashion model, dancer, and influencer, Eunice Wani net worth, her profession has been a success in the last few years. As of 2022 she had an estimated net worth of approximately $300,000.


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