Rendi Popping Biography, Age, Real Name, Height, Zodiac Sign, Religion, TikTok, Nationality, Net Worth.

Rendi Popping Biography, Age, Real Name, Height, Zodiac Sign, Religion, TikTok, Nationality, Net Worth. 

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Who Is Rendi Popping? 

Rendi Popping is a famous TikTok Star popularly known for his short dance video contents on TikTok. And also for being affiliated with the Yolo House members. 

Basic Information

Real Name Renat Isirailov 
Famous As Rendi Popping 
Age 22 Years Old (2022)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 29 October 2000 
Profession/Career Dancer/Influencer
State Of Origin Almaty, Kazakhstani
Height/Weight 5 ft 9″/60kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Sirena Isirailov
Parents Mr And Mrs Isirailov
Lives In Russia 
Nationality Almaty, Kazakhstani
Net Worth $10,000

Rendi Popping Biography 
Rendi Popping born 29 October 2000 is a popular Kazakhstan TikTok Star from Almaty, Kazakhstan, whose real name is Renat Isirailov. Although Renat Isirailov of the Yolo House is professionally known as Rendi Popping, he is popularly known for his content creation and dance on TikTok. 

Rendi Popping has been able to successfully amount over 16.6 million follower fan base just on TikTok. 

Rendi was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan; he has a sister named Sirena; and at some point, he and the other Yolo House members moved to Russia.

TikTok Info

On TikTok, Rendi currently has over 15 million followers. He used to create tiktoks with his rumored girlfriend Adaliatta, but the two later decided to part ways, and they haven’t created one together since December of 2021. Rendi now records tiktok videos either by herself or with other Yolo House members. Rendi typically sings duets with Raides or girls from other groups, such as Samal or Kami. 

Rendi left the Yolo House at the end of July 2022 and began a solo career. He started making videos with Dana Stan, his new girlfriend, but she dumped him in early August for an unknown reason. Rendi now creates videos on his own and posts dances and skits.


Rendi is a contortionist who can bend his entire body in any direction. Rendi used to work for a circus because of this talent. 

Long Tongue: Rendi uses his very long tongue for tiktoks that are related to anime.

Like the other Yolo House members, Rendi is an accomplished dancer. His signature moves are the “Robot,” “The Moonwalk,” and “The Side Glide.”

Walking in one place – Like other Yolo house members, Rendi has the ability to appear to be moving while actually remaining still. He does this by moving only one of his legs while keeping the other two firmly planted on the ground.

Rendi Popping Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth

The good looking famous Kazakhstani TikTok Star is currently 22 Years Old as of 2022, he will be celebrating his 23 Years birthday by 29 October 2023. His date of birth is 29 October 2000. 

Rendi Popping Height, Weight 

Renat Isirailov height is 5 ft 9″ about 165cm, while he weighs approximately 65kg. 

Rendi Popping Nationality 
Renat Isirailov aka Rendi Popping is originally from an Asian country called Kazakhstani, independent from Russia. He is originally from Almaty in Kazakhstani.

Rendi Popping Religion And Zodiac Sign 

Rendi Popping zodiac sign is Scorpio. This means that when you were born, the Sun was in the stars that make up the constellation known as Scorpio.

Rendi Popping Girlfriend 
Rendi Popping and Adaliatta used to be lovers according to the rumors but they are no longer together. 

It has not been confirmed if he is currently in a relationship or not currently. 

Rendi Popping Parents, Family 

Rendi Popping only known family member or relation is his sister whose name is Sirena Isirailov. While she may also be a TikToker, it’s not confirmed. 

Rendi Popping Parents name is Mr and Mrs Isirailov. There’s isn’t much information about his parents. 

Rendi Popping Net Worth 

Renat Isirailov professionally known as Rendi Popping net worth is $5,000,000 although this is still subject to further check. As of 2022 he is currently worth about $5 million. 

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