Stacy Wiss Biography, Age, Gender, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, Nationality, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Stacy Wiss Biography, Age, Gender, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, Nationality, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Your welcome to Famous Celebrity Blog today, in this article today we will be writing about TikTok controversial star popularly known as Stacy Wiss TikTok Or Stacy Wiss Brown TikTok.
Here’s a few things about the TikTok Star that we will be writing you about. Stacy wiss Biography, How old is Stacywiss, Stacywiss real age, Stacywiss real name, Stacywiss phone number, Stacy wiss nationality, Stacy wiss Brown, Stacy Wiss date of birth, Stacy wiss TikTok, resca beauty biography, Stacywiss whatsapp number, Stacy Wiss gender, Resca Beauty age.

Who Is Stacy Wiss?

Stacy Wiss on TikTok is a controversial TikTok dancer and influencer famously known to always dance with his look alike cousin sister who has been severally mistaken as his twin sister or elder sister by his millions of followers on TikTok.
However, Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty on TikTok are blood related siblings but Resca Beauty is not his twin sister. Resca Beauty on TikTok is Stacywiss elder cousin sister.
Both Stacywiss and his sister are getting enormous attention on the black social app, TikTok, for numerous reasons. Due to Stacy Wiss handsome looks, he has suddenly become a center of attraction for most female TikTok users, drifting the attention from Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess On TikTok to himself, Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty.

Basic Information

Real Name: Stacy Wiss Clement
Famous As: Stacy Wiss Or Stacy Wiss Brown
Age: 19 Years Old (2023)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: 22 March 2004
Profession/Career: Dancer/Influencer
State Of Origin: Benue State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight: 5 ft 10″/60kg
Girlfriend: Not Available
Sister: Resca Beauty TikTok
Parents: Mr And Mrs Clement
Lives In: Kampala, Uganda
Nationality: Nigerian-Congolese
Net Worth: $10,000 

Stacy Wiss Brown Biography
Stacy Wiss Biography

Stacy Wiss Brown born on 3 March 2004 is a Nigerian-Congolese dancer, influencer, and TikTok Star who originally hails from Benue State Nigeria but is of dual citizen, having a Nigerian father and Congolese Mother.
Although his real name is Stacy Wiss Clement, the controversial TikTok Star is popularly known as Stacy Wiss on his official TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms.
His sister Resca Beauty as she is also known as Resca Beauty TikTok, her real name is Beauty Clement. She has also gained over 1 million followers on TikTok just like her brother Stacywiss.
Stacy Wiss TikTok whose real name is Stacy Wiss Clement is a Nigerian-Congolese but currently lives in Kampala, Uganda with his family and parents.
Stacywiss as a content creator, dancer, influencer and TikTok Star has done lots of dance contents with other Ugandan TikTok creators, dancers, and singers like Bella Christian.

How Did Stacywiss And Resca Beauty Become Famous?

Resca Beauty and her brother Stacywiss are one of TikTok Stars who became famous and popular just for sharing and making TikTok videos.
After Joining TikTok in 2019 just before the 2020 COVID -19 break, Stacywiss started sharing his dance videos and creating content on TikTok, he started getting followers who liked him mostly because of his handsome looks and awesome dance moves.
He later moved on to create dance video contents with his sister Resca Beauty which blew out to become viral as many thought of them to be twins. His video was reposted by lots of influential users which gave them the ground to become TikTok famous.

It was at this point creating content on TikTok became a thing for Stacy Wiss and his sister as the took a step further to make the most of the opportunity. Stacy Wiss currently has over 1.6 million followers on his official TikTok account and about 70k on Instagram.
StacyWiss Clement owes his TikTok fame to his handsome looks and love from fans.

Stacy Wiss Age

TikTok content creator, Stacy Wiss is currently 18 Years Old as of the year 2022. He will be blocking 19 Years Old soonest in 2023.

Stacy Wiss Gender

Due to Stacywiss outstanding looks, one of the most queries about him as happened to be his gender. Lots of male folks have found it difficult to accept that he is male as he looks as cute as a lady would look.
For the ladies, some may not believe but those who believe he is a male a dying to have him in their corner. However, Stacy Wiss was born male and he still retains his male gender contrary to people’s opinions.

How Old Is Stacywiss? Stacywiss real age?

As of 2022, Stacy Wiss was 18 Years Old. He will be clocking 19 Years Old by 2023.

What Is Stacywiss Real Name?

His real name is Stacy Wiss Clement.

Stacy Wiss Date Of Birth, Birthday

Stacywiss real date of birth is 22 March 2004, he will be celebrating his next Birthday by 22 March in 2023.

Stacywiss phone Number, Stacywiss Whatsapp Number

Controversial TikTok Star, Stacy Wiss Whatsapp and phone number can not be made public here, if you need to contact him, you can quickly do that through his official TikTok or Instagram pages.

Stacy Wiss State Of Origin, Nationality

While we are yet to confirm which of Stacy Wiss parents is from Nigeria, we know for a fact that Stacy Wiss is of dual citizenship. He is a Nigerian-Congolese. He originally hails from Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria, his State of Origin.

Stacy Wiss Girlfriend 

As of the time of writing and publication of this article, Stacy Wiss was single and not in any relationship with Resca Beauty. Contrary to misconception by many fans, Stacy Wiss and Resca Beauty are not in any romantic relationship because they are siblings. 

Stacy Wiss Parents, Father, Mother

The name of Stacy Wiss parents is Mr and Mrs Clement. They are both living in Ugandan happy as husband and wife. 

Stacy Wiss TikTok

To find Stacy Wiss Brown official TikTok account, click here.

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Resca beauty Biography, Resca Beauty Age

In our next article we’ll be writing on Resca Beauty biography, age, nationality, net worth and every other information you will be needing about her.

Stacy Wiss Net Worth

Stacy Wiss Clement net worth as of the year 2023 is currently estimated to be approximately about $10,000

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