Oneya D’amelio Biography, Age, Family, Ex-girlfriend, Sister, Real Name, Girlfriend, Pearl, Net Worth.

Oneya D’amelio Biography, Age, Family, Ex-girlfriend, Sister, Real Name, Girlfriend, Pearl, Adopted, Net Worth. 

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In this article today we will be writing on history and biography of famous tiktok star and comedian popularly known as angryreaction account on TikTok. 

We will also be asking questions related to Oneya D’amelio. Here’s a few of what to expect from this article, Latest Instagram Pictures, TikTok Videos, latest pictures, Oneya D’amelio Biography, Age, Nationality, Age, Family, Ex-girlfriend, Sister, Real Name, Girlfriend, Pearl, Net Worth, adopted, Height, Jillian, Break up, Oneya D’amelio, sibling, Is Oneya D’amelio related

to Charli D’amelios? 

Who Is Oneya D’amelio? 

Oneya D’amelio is a popular TikTok content creator and comedian famously known for his angryreaction TikTok account with over 27 million followers. Although he is popularly known as Oneya D’amelio, that is not his real name. One of his viral videos from YouTube that also led to his fame and gained over 500k views, was when he shared a video of him reacting to someone making a sculpture of his head in 2019.


Basic Information

Real Name Oneya Johnson
Famous As Oneya D’amelio 
Age 25 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 14 March 1998
Profession/Career Comedian/TikTok Star
Ex-girlfriend Jillian
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/90kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Resca Beauty TikTok
Lives In Chicago. 
Ethnicity African-American
Nationality American
Net Worth $1,000,000

Oneya D’amelio Biography 

Oneya D’amelio Johnson born 14 March 1998 is an American comedian and TikTok Star content creator popularly known for angryreaction account on TikTok. He was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. From being homeless in 2019, he is now famous and makes good amount of money off influencing.


In many of his video content reactions on TikTok, he can be seen yelling into his earbud microphone and furrowing his brows. He’s also created his own signature Pizza Hut pizza and promoted it on his TikTok account. 
In Oneya D’amelio TikTok video that went viral, Johnson reacted in the video to a clip of a cake-maker who was unsure of their decorating abilities. Johnson praised their cake and demanded to know who was being cruel to them.
“Who is being cruel to you? Who? Who says your cake is a s***? You point them out because your cakes are delicious!” He stated.
Johnson devised the concept for his channel based on how people perceive him versus reality.
“I basically took how the world sees me and how I really am and just matched them together,” Johnson explained to the press. “If I passed you on the street, and I don’t say a word, I look like the angriest person in the world. 

Oneya D’amelio Real Name 

Popular comedian, Oneya D’amelio aka angryreactions real name is Oneya D’amelio Johnson, but he is professionally known as Angryreactions on TikTok and Humble King on his YouTube.


Oneya D’amelio Age 

Oneya D’amelio Johnson is currently 24 Years Old as of 2022, he will be clocking 25 Years Old by 2023. 

Oneya D’amelio Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Oneya D’amelio Johnson and his ex-girlfriend Jillian have two children together although they are no longer together. There’s currently no information about his current girlfriend because he is private about his personal life.


Oneya D’amelio Height 

He stands tall at a height of about 5 ft 8″ which is about 160cm. 

Oneya D’amelio Johnson Wife 

Oneya is currently not married as he is single but he already has two children with his ex-girlfriend Jillian. 

Oneya D’amelio Family

Oneya D’amelio Johnson prefers to keep his family life and relationships away from social media, so there’s is little or no information about his family. 

Is Oneya D’amelio Related To Charlie D’amelios? 

No, Oneya D’amelio aka Humble King or Angryreactions is not related to Charlie D’amelios and does not face resemblance with her. 
His name Angryreactions was coined from the fact that he looked like the birds in the popular phone game called Angry Birds. 

Oneya D’amelio Johnson Net Worth 

Oneya D’amelio Johnson net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be approximately $3,000,000 in cash and assets. 

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