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In this article of Jalein Abania Biography as we have written and published here on Famous Celeb contains the vital information you need to know about religious Tiktok content creator, Jalein Abania.

We will be talking about her Real Name, Jalein Abania Bible Study, Bible Tea, Age, Nationality, Tiktok, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Ethnicity, Date Of Birth.

Who Is Jalein Abania?

Here’s a little about Jalein Abania, She has a huge love for studying the Bible and getting to know God more each day. And she loves getting to share that love and excitement through Bible studies and creating content on Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Here’s some more random facts about her. She loves her family and dogs very much! She loves to sing, act; She loves sushi, country dancing, Marvel movies, The Office, FRIENDS, Shrek movies; her favorite holidays are Passover Christmas. This is all we have of her at the moment, so that’s all for now.

Basic Information

Real Name Jalein Abania
Famous As Jalein Abania TikTok
Age 31 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 21 October 1991
Profession/Career Content Creator
Relationship Status Married
Height/Weight 5 ft 3″/63kg±
Nationality Philippines
Net Worth $100,000

Jalein Abania Biography

Jalein Abania born 21 October 1991 is a famous TikTok content creator professionally known as Jalein Abania TikTok, popularly known for her religious video content on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube since 2006.

The TikTok Star, Jalein Abania, was born in San Pablo City, Laguna in the Philippines. Although she is of Philippines origin, she lives and have spent most of her lifetime in the United States.

She started creating contents in public places before people at the age of 6 and later took to social media to share her contents after it started blowing up, it was at this point she gained her first set of followers on social media which later grew to about 218k, although she currently have over 560k followers.

Jalein grew up having a huge passion for writing scripts, teaching and making short films that are deep, impactful, and life-changing.

In this article of Jalein Abania Biography, we’ll enlightening you on other things about Jalein Abania here.

Jalein Abania Nationality

Jalein Abania hails from Laguna, she’s of Philippines nationality and Filipinos Ethnicity.

TikTok Star Jalein Abania Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is approximately $100,000 as of the year 2022.

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