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Have you come across this big white smiling set of teeth on TikTok yet? Well if you have, it will interest you to that you are just few minutes away from knowing as much as you want to know about him.

In this article that we have carefully written and published contains factual information about the try not to smile challenge creator on TikTok, Borzah Yankey. Here you will find Borzah Yankey TikTok Biography, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Wallpaper, Wikipedia, Photo, Instagram, Birthday, Date Of Birth, Girlfriend, Real Name, Net Worth.

Who Is Borzah Yankey?

Borzah Yankey on TikTok is a popular personality that is famous for his TikTok challenge, “Try Not To Smile”. Although some may not recognize him as Borzah Yankey, but he is the face behind the TikTok channel, “One Thing, Smiling”.

Basic Information

Real Name Borzah Yankey
Famous As Borzah Yankey TikTok
Age 26 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 28 May 1996
Profession Content Creator
Height/Weight 5 ft 5″/65kg±
Girlfriend Not Available
Ethnicity African (Bangladesh)
Nationality Canadian
Net Worth $50,000

Borzah Yankey Biography

Borzah Yankey born on 28 May 1996 in Winnipeg, Canada is a Canadian based African comedian and content creator professionally known as Borzah Yankey TikTok. He is popularly known across all social media platform where he has been able to successfully established his media presence through his contagious smiling video content.
Although He may not be known by his real name Borzah Yankey, for people who only knows him facially, he is the man behind the Tiktok channel “One Thing Smiling”. In his kind of videos on all social media platforms including YouTube, he is always showing off his big and contagious smile with all of his white teeth popping.
Borzah Yankey on TikTok, is the sole creator of the Try Not To Smile Challenge on TikTok that has become a viral sensation.

Borzah Yankey Age, Date Of Birth

The TikTok sensation, Borzah Yankey is currently 26 Years Old as of the year 2022. He is one of several people who luckily do not look as old as they really are. While he physically looks like someone in earliest 20’s, he is actually a 26 Years Old man.
His real date of birth is on 28 May 1996.

Borzah Yankey Ethnicity, Nationality

Borzah Yankey is originally an African by ethnicity, precisely from Bangladesh but being born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada he had earned himself the right of nationality as a Canadian.

Smiling TikTok Star Borzah Yankey Net Worth

Borzah Yankey current net worth as at 2022 estimates to be about $50,000 approximately. He became TikTok famous in 2021 after his smiling videos went viral.

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