King Jabin Comedy (Prof Barr Titus) Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Birthday, Professor Titus, Ebuka Hero, Origin, Tribe, Net Worth.

King Jabin Comedy (Prof Barr Titus) Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Birthday, Professor Titus, Ebuka Hero, Origin, Tribe, TikTok, Instagram, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator King Jabin Comedy aka Professor Barrister Titus Comedy. 

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Who Is King Jabin Comedy? 

King Jabin Comedy is a professional Nigerian comedian and grammarian who is known for his funny comedy videos that are based on the use of gigantic grammar to confuse his colleagues in a set and to make simple points. Although he is popularly known as King Jabin, some other fans will know him either as Professor Titus or Barrister Titus for his slogan “The Erudite And Academic Juggernaut Prof Barr Titus. 

 At the moment, it hasn’t been confirmed if King Jabin Comedy aka Barrister Titus is an actual law practitioner (Lawyer), but he identifies as a lawyer in all his videos where he exercises grammatical prowess. 

Basic Information

Real Name King Jabin 
Famous As King Jabin Comedy / Prof Barr Titus 
Age 29 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 06 March 1994
Profession/Career Comedian/Actor 
State Of Origin Edo State.
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/85kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Not Available  
Parents Mr And Mrs Jabin
Lives In Benin City 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $30,000 

King Jabin Comedy Biography 

King Jabin Comedy born 06 March 1994 is a Nigerian comedian and content creator professionally known as Prof Barr Titus aka Barrister Titus Comedy. King Jabin Comedy is an upcoming comedian and TikTok Star content creator who is currently gaining attention in his comedy videos for his funny skits he makes with gigantic grammar. The Erudite And Academic Juggernaut as he calls himself is known for using his big grammar to give his opinion while analysing the affairs of the country and also in his unique contents. 

Barrister Titus Comedy better known as King Jabin has been creating his same kind of comedy video skits where he analyses things in vulgar grammar since 2017 in what looks like TV interviews but was actually his comedy skits. Although King Jabin Comedian has been actively creating content since then but due to the complexity of his grammar which makes it difficult for the layman to understand, King Jabin has been finding it somewhat difficult to relate his comedy videos with the common man. 
King Jabin Comedy has always been of him reacting to things happening in the country and giving his political views on decisions made by the Federal Government and how it affects the common man in the society but he does this with his utterly confusing grammar. It wasn’t until 2022 when Professor Titus aka King Jabin Comedy started featuring and linking up with some other funny content creator that he started creating his unique comedy videos in his own ideas and getting supports from other famous social celebrities and movie star like Mike Ezuruonye and others. 

Just shortly after indulging other popular comedians and content creators like, Onye Obodo aka Unkusp, Mark Angel Comedy, Mama Uka Comedy, Kevinblak Comedy, Odira Nwobu, and Ebuka Hero, King Jabin has been gaining recognition as fans to his page as big promoters like Instablog9ja, King Tunde Ednut, and Donjazzy started promoting his videos by sharing them on their page and giving credits to him which gave him more audience. 

King Jabin Comedy Age 

How Old Is King Jabin Comedy? What Is King Jabin Comedy Real Age? As of 2023, King Jabin Comedy speculated age is 29 Years Old. Although his real age might be 29 Years, he is yet to confirm this speculation. 

King Jabin Comedy Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is King Jabin Comedy Birthday? What Is King Jabin Comedy Date Of Birth? As earlier stated King Jabin Comedy speculated date of birth is on 06 March 1994, but his real birthday is on 06 March.


King Jabin Comedy Real Name 

What Is King Jabin Comedy Real Name? King Jabin Comedy Real Name is King Jabin Titus. 

King Jabin Comedy Zodiac Sign 

What Is King Jabin Comedy Zodiac Sign?

King Jabin Comedy Profession, Career 

King Jabin Comedy is currently only recognized as a professional comedian and content creator and he has been devotedly practicing and pushing his comedy career. He is yet to confirm if he is a professional lawyer or say if he is practicing. 

King Jabin Comedy Education, Family 

There’s no information about the family of King Jabin Comedy aka Professor Barrister Titus. He is currently a graduate and has obtained his Bachelor’s degree but has not revealed his area of study. 

King Jabin Comedy Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is King Jabin Comedy From? What Is King Jabin Comedy State Of Origin From? King Jabin Comedy is originally from Edo State. He is from the origin of the Benin City people. 

King Jabin Comedy Ethnicity 

What Is King Jabin Comedy Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

King Jabin Comedy Tribe 

What Tribe Is King Jabin Comedy From? King Jabin Comedy aka Professor Barrister Titus is from the Benin tribe in Edo State, Nigeria. 

King Jabin Comedy Parents, Father, Mother 

Who King Jabin Comedy Father? Mother? Parents? Not Available. 

King Jabin Comedy Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is King Jabin Comedy Girlfriend? There is no information about his girlfriend or ex girlfriend from the past as he has kept his personal life private and away from the public. 

King Jabin Comedy Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is King Jabin Comedy Whatsapp Number? What Is King Jabin Comedy Phone Number? You can contact King Jabin Comedy through his management or from any of his social media platforms for business and other business related matters.


King Jabin Comedy Wife, Ex-wife 

Is King Jabin Comedy Married? Who Is King Jabin Comedy Wife? Information about King Jabin Comedy marital life is been kept completely away from social media owing to his personal decision. 

King Jabin Comedy Religion 

What Religion Is King Jabin Comedy? He is speculated to be a Christian and he hasn’t stated otherwise. 

King Jabin Comedy TikTok, Instagram 

King Jabin Comedy is active both social media platforms, TikTok and Instagram including Facebook as King Jabin Prof Barr Titus with hundreds of thousands of followers on each page. 

King Jabin Comedy Boyfriends 

Who Is King Jabin Comedy Boyfriend? Not available. 

King Jabin Comedy Height, Weight 

King Jabin Comedy stands at a height of 5 ft 8″ while weighing about 85kg± or a little above that. 

King Jabin Comedy Nationality 

Which Country Is King Jabin Comedy From? He is originally from Nigerian and a residing citizen of Nigeria. 

King Jabin Comedy Net Worth 

What Is King Jabin Comedy Net Worth 2023? King Jabin Comedy net worth is estimated to be approximately about $30,000 as of the year 2023.


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