Sydney Talker Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, TikTok, State Of Origin, Net Worth.

Who is Sydney Talker?

Sydney Talker is a Nigerian acting comedian, dancer, and web star. He is popularly known for his dance and comedy videos on Instagram. He is one of the most talked-about Instagram comedians in Nigeria.
The comedy niche in Nigeria cannot be mentioned without the likes of Sydney Talker – Nigerian Mr. Bean – The towel guy. We will be writing on the Biography of Sydney talker and expose who is that man behind Sydney Talker. Let’s take a look at his profile.
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Sydney talker Biography
Sydney Egere famously recognized with the social media username Sydney Talker is a 27 years old Nigerian social media comic actor, Influencer, and content material writer born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Sydney Talker is widely known together with his creative and specific comedy collection while employing the usage of social media such as Instagram importantly for exporting his created content.
He derives his concept often from all of the happenings around him as one of his skits which were about “Negative Power Delivery” skyrocketed him to the limelight.

Quick preview of Sydney profile

Full Name: Sydney Egere
Stage Name: Sydney Talker
Born: January 26, 1995 (age 27 years old)
Place of Birth: Benin, Edo, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Edo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Parents: N/A

Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 143.3 ibs
Eye color: black
Hair color: black

Girlfriend • Wife: Not Disclosed
Occupation: Comedian • Content Creator
Net Worth: $100,000
Sydney talker early life
Sydney Talker is an indigene of Edo State, Nigeria. Raised through his mother because of the truth that his mother and father had been divorced at the same time as he is nonetheless very young. Sydney Talker was born on the 26th of January, 1995 in Lagos in which he was introduced up.

Sydney Talker who is also addressed as the Towel Guy had his secondary school training in Lagos, however, he is currently an Undergraduate within the University of Benin (UNIBEN) studying Computer Science.
Sydney talker career

Sydney Talker commenced his comedy profession again in his secondary faculty days. With willpower and consciousness, he becomes capable of getting through with his specific ideas and innovative concepts.
Sydney Talker’s nickname is ‘Towel guy’, a name he gained when he started releasing more Instagram skits while wearing towels to dance and make people laugh.

Sydney studied Computer Science and according to him, his choice for computer science was borne out of his desire to learn videography. “I chose to study computer science because I thought I would learn videography but I am not getting that at the moment”, he said during an interview with Punch Newspaper. Despite the fact that videography is anything but a significant course taught lackadaisically in Nigerian Universities, Sydney talker’s enthusiasm for Videography was not hindered.
Sydney Talker came into the spotlight in 2016 when he delivered “The Poor Power Supply” Instagram skit. His facial expressions acquired him the moniker ‘Mr. Bean of Nigeria’. Speaking on his interesting face, Sydney Talker noticed that the clever face was only an arbitrary demonstration in his recordings until a Nigerian entertainer, Toyin Abraham, revealed to him the idea is remarkable. Thus, he began giving close consideration to making his face significantly more interesting.
Sydney Talker began his parody skills as a student in his secondary school days. With devotion, he had the option to overcome his exceptional thoughts and inventive ideas. Sydney posted his first parody production which was about “power of the tongue” in 2015.
The production had just little perspectives however it unquestionably shows that there is more he has to bring to the table.

Sydney Talker Net Worth

Sydney Talker whose main source of income happens to be Comedy and MC’ing have gathered up an estimated net worth of $100,000.
Social Media
You can connect with Sydney Talker via the following social media platforms;

Twitter: @Sydneytalker
Instagram: @Sydneytalker
Sydney Talker Cars
A white Mercedes-Benz:

Sydney Talker Mercedes-Benz

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Brand New Geely Coolray

Sydney Talker buy Brand New Geely Coolray

Sydney Talker took to his Instagram to share with his fans about his first 0 Mileage car., this Geely Coolray is Designed by a young global team, the Coolray’s design is based on Geely’s latest “Accelerating through Time” aesthetics and is made to match the self-confident personalities of the young and fashionable.
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Sydney talker house

Sydney Talker is believed to live on the Island part of Lagos State, Nigeria. Although no particular house has been traced to be his, he shoots most of his videos in the urban parts of Lagos, as seen from the houses in his videos.

Others believe that Sydney Talker lives with some of his other Instagram friends in Lagos, but it is unknown if they have personal properties in Nigeria.

Sydney Talker have often times been attacked for the nature of his comedy skits. He was accused of promoting sexual harassment in his comedy series.
In 2016, Sydney Talker was bashed on twitter after he released a video which he featured craze clown. In the video, they pretended to be police officers and medical association, caressed the ladies curves without remorse. A comedy video which many criticized.

In 2020, during the Corona Virus pandemic in Nigeria, Sydney Talker shared a video which he claimed he showed symptoms of Corona virus. He attacked NCDC, accusing them of not being competent. He also added that he was rejected by series of hospitals during the episode.
On April 2nd 2020, Sydney Talker tested negative to Corona virus. He further released a video apologizing for his conducts.

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