Wonder D Talk Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Parents, Wonderdtalk, Wikipedia, Nduka Sabinus, News, Comedian Nduka, Net Worth.

Wonder D Talk Biography, Comedian Nduka Wonder Biography, Age, Real Name, Wonderdtalk, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, State Of Origin, Tribe, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Wonder D Talk aka Nduka Wonder Sabinus. 

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Who Is Wonder D Talk? 

Wonder D Talk who is also known as Nduka in Oga Sabinus (Mr Funny) comedy skits is an upcoming comedian and social media influencer who has been brought into the limelight of acting by Oga Sabinus aka Mr Funny. Nduka, My lyfe are some of the new faces Mr Funny aka Oga Sabinus has brought into the comedy industry. 

Basic Information

Real Name Ukenwor Faith Ikechi
Famous As Wonder D Talk 
Age 29 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 07 March 1994
Profession/Career Comedian/Actor 
State Of Origin River State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 10″/85kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Signing Oga Sabinus 
Parents Mr And Mrs Ukenwor 
Lives In Port Harcourt City, Rivers State.  
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $50,000

Wonder D Talk Biography 

Ukenwor Faith Ikechi born 07 March 1994 is the real name of the Nigerian comedian and social media influencer who is professionally known as Wonder D Talk or Nduka in most of his comedy video skits with Oga Sabinus aka Mr Funny and Mr Lyfe. 

Wonder D Talk Age 

How Old Is Wonder D Talk? What Is Wonder D Talk Real Age? Wonder D Talk aka Comedian Nduka is currently 30 Years Old as of 2023. 

Wonder D Talk Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Wonder D Talk Birthday? What Is Wonder D Talk Date Of Birth? Wonder D Talk also known as Comedian Nduka real date of birth is  07 March 1994 while his birthday is on 07 March, and he usually marks his birthday annually. In the year 2023, his boss Mr Funny aka Oga Sabinus officially made him a millionaire by gifting him with his first one million naira ever, making him one of the latest millionaires in the industry. 

Wonder D Talk Real Name 

What Is Wonder D Talk Real Name? Wonder D Talk Real Name is Ukenwor Faith Ikechi. This paragraph on this article reveals the real name of Wonder D Talk or Nduka as some of his fans have been in search of his real name. Wonder D Talk or Nduka real name is Ukenwor Faith Ikechi. 

Wonder D Talk Zodiac Sign 

What Is Wonder D Talk Zodiac Sign? As Wonder D Talk was born on march 07, it suggests that his zodiac sign is Pisces. This is because people born between February 19 and March 20 are considered to be Pisces. The astrological symbol shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality within the Piscean nature.

Wonder D Talk Profession, Career 

Ukenwor Faith Ikechi is now known as a professional comedian, actor and influencer after he was taken in by Mr Funny aka Oga Sabinus into the entertainment industry. He is now taking his career more seriously as the publicity given to him by Mr Funny has helped in getting him a larger audience. 

Wonder D Talk Education, Family 

There’s currently no information as regards Wonder D Talk education and family at the moment as he prefers to keep information about his family private and away from the public.


Wonder D Talk Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Wonder D Talk From? What Is Wonder D Talk State Of Origin From? Mr Ukenwor Faith Ikechi who is professionally known as Wonder D Talk or Comedian Nduka origin has been mistaken as an Igbo man, however he has clearly stated that he is not Igbo. Wonder D Talk state of origin is River State. He is originally from a small town in River State where he hails from. 

Comedian Ebiye Ethnicity 

What Is Wonder D Talk Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Wonder D Talk Tribe 

What Tribe Is Wonder D Talk From? Wonder D Talk is from a tribe in the South South called Ikwerre. 

Wonder D Talk Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Wonder D Talk Father? Mother? Parents? Ukenwor Faith Ikechi professionally known as Wonder D Talk parents, father, and mother information is currently not available and can’t be made public. It’ll be updated here as soon as possible. 

Wonder D Talk Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Wonder D Talk Girlfriend? Wonder D Talk Girlfriend is not available as the identity of his girlfriend is one of the things he’s keeping private. He currently identifies as single and not in a relationship.

Wonder D Talk Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Wonder D Talk Whatsapp Number? What Is Wonder D Talk Phone Number? His Whatsapp and phone numbers are not available for the general public as they are only in his position to give out, you can contact him directly through his social media pages. 

Wonder D Talk Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Wonder D Talk Married? Who Is Wonder D Talk Wife? At the moment Ukenwor Faith Ikechi aka Wonder D Talk is single and not married to any woman. He therefore does not have a wife nor ex-wife. 

Wonder D Talk Religion 

What Religion Is Wonder D Talk? He is of the Christian faith by religion. 

Wonder D Talk TikTok, Instagram 

Comedian Nduka also known as Wonder D Talk is very active on all social media platforms as Wonder D Talk, WonderDTalk. Although he is yet to be verified but his account is visibility different from other spamming accounts. You can contact him through his social media accounts for business and promotions. 

Wonder D Talk Girlfriend 

Who Is Wonder D Talk Girlfriend? Not available at the moment.

Wonder D Talk Height, Weight 

Wonder D Talk stands tall at a height of over 5 ft 10″ while weighing over 85kg± as of 2023. 

Wonder D Talk Nationality 

Which Country Is Wonder D Talk From? Ukenwor Faith Ikechi professionally known as Wonder D Talk or Comedian Nduka is a Nigerian by nationality. 

Wonder D Talk Net Worth 

What Is Wonder D Talk Net Worth 2023? Ukenwor Faith Ikechi professionally known as Wonder D Talk net worth is currently estimated to be approximately $30,000 as he is still an upcoming actor.

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