Richie Moore TikTok Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Khloe Gram Boyfriend, Parents, Richiemoore TikTok, Origin, Net Worth.

Richie Moore TikTok Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Khloe Gram Boyfriend, Parents, Richiemoore TikTok,  Origin, Net Worth, State Of Origin, Mother, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Net Worth.

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Who Is Richie Moore TikTok? 

Richiemoore on TikTok is handsome and rich TikTok content creator who is popularly known for being in a romantic relationship with controversial TikTok sensational content creator famously known as Khloes Grams on TikTok, after her relationship with her Ex-Boyfriend, Y’all meet Bernie, crashed for reasons that were not made public. Richie Moore who has been a content creator for a while but hasn’t been famous on TikTok has suddenly gotten the right needed publicity which has given him more fame. 

Basic Information

Real Name Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu
Famous As Richie Moore TikTok
Age 24 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 02 July 1999
Profession/Career Entrepreneur/Content Creator 
State Of Origin South Eastern State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/75kg
Girlfriend Khloe Gram TikTok 
Sister Not Available
Parents Mr And Mrs Richards
Lives In Lagos State 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $150,000

Richie Moore TikTok Biography 

Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu born 02 July 1999 is a Nigerian TikTok Star and content creator professionally known as Richiemoore TikTok or Richie Moore as some call him. Richie Moore is one of Nigeria’s celebrated handsome TikTok Star content creator who has become famous through TikTok to other social media platforms. Although Richiemoore’s fame was as a result of TikTok, he however already made his money before becoming popular on social media. 
Richie Moore is originally a Nigerian from South Eastern part of Nigeria, he hails from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria known to reside in Southeastern Nigeria but he currently lives in Lagos Nigeria, just as his girlfriend Khloes Grams and some other famous celebrities. 
Richiemoore was friends with Khloe Gram before her thrift with her Ex-Boyfriend Y’allmeetBernie, however he saw the opportunity to get his dream woman after the issue which led to Khloe Grams and Y’allmeetBernie break up which trended on social media for a while in 2022. 

The controversy between Khloes Grams and Y’allmeetBernie, her Ex-Boyfriend happened to come as a boost to her name and brand as a content creator and influencer, she grew from less than 500k followers on her TikTok official page to over 2.2 million followers and from less than 200k followers to over 500k followers on Instagram. 

Khloes Gram has moved from being a regular content creator on TikTok to becoming a verified TikTok Star in less than a year after her thrift with Y’allmeetBernie. 
Richiemoore TikTok relationship with Khloes Grams kicked off with some of Khloes Gram’s fame rubbing off on him, boosting his dancing career as a content creator on TikTok. He has however described his meeting with Khloes Grams as life changing. He has been caught severally referring to Khloes Grams whose real name is Joy, as his wife. 
In the event of her most recent birthday, Richiemoore showered her with lots of gifts ranging from monetary to material gifts, it was also alleged that he bought her the car of her dream on her last birthday party he organized for her which had lots of TikTok content creator present. 
Richiemoore TikTok is one of several other famous celebrities who have become popular as a result of social media, regardless of being rich, Richiemoore also clamored to be famous on social media which led him to start creating content on social media just before he had a spark with Khloes Grams which led to his now famous status. 

Richie Moore TikTok Age 

How Old Is Richie Moore TikTok? What Is Richie Moore TikTok Real Age? Richiemoore real age is 24 Years Old as of 2023. 

Richie Moore TikTok Birthday, Date Of Birth 

When Is Richie Moore TikTok Birthday? What Is Richie Moore TikTok Date Of Birth? Richiemoore TikTok Birthday is on the 02 July, which is when he always celebrates his birthday yearly with his girlfriend, Khloes Grams. On his last birthday, he received lots of gifts from some of his friends and his new girlfriend Khloes Gram.aka Joy. 
Richiemoore TikTok exact date of birth is on the 02 July 1999. 

Richie Moore TikTok Real Name 

What Is Richie Moore TikTok Real Name? Richie Moore TikTok Real Name is Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu. 

Richie Moore TikTok Zodiac Sign 

What Is Richie Moore TikTok Zodiac Sign? Richie Moore TikTok Zodiac Sign is cancer, from his real date of birth which is on July 02. 

Richie Moore TikTok Profession, Career 

Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu better known as Richiemoore TikTok or Richie Moore is an entrepreneur and professional dancer on social media, although his exact business is yet to be ascertained to determine the source of his wealth but since after joining TikTok, he has been more concerned about promoting his dancing career professionally. 

Richie Moore TikTok Education, Family 

There’s no information available at the moment about Richie Moore educational background and family history as he has chosen to keep those information private. 

Richie Moore TikTok Origin, State Of Origin 

Where Is Richie Moore TikTok From? What Is Richie Moore TikTok State Of Origin From? Richiemoore TikTok whose real name is Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu is originally from South Eastern part of Nigeria of the Igbo tribe. His precise State of origin is yet to be confirmed, but he’s speculated to hail from Anambra State. 

Richie Moore TikTok Ethnicity 

What Is Richie Moore TikTok Ethnicity? He is of African ethnicity. 

Richie Moore TikTok Tribe 

What Tribe Is Richie Moore TikTok From? Just like many other good looking and talented Nigerian TikTok Star, Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu aka Richiemoore TikTok is an Igbo man by tribe. 

Richie Moore TikTok Parents, Father, Mother 

Who Is Richie Moore TikTok Father? Mother? Parents? Richiemoore Father, Mother, parents information is currently not available. 

Richie Moore TikTok Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Who Is Richie Moore TikTok Girlfriend? Richiemoore TikTok whose real name is Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu is Khloes Grams boyfriend. Richiemoore girlfriend is Khloes Grams. There has been no information about his ex girlfriend. 
His current Khloes Grams used to be to Y’allmeetBernie girlfriend, however she is currently his ex-girlfriend and not in relationship with him (Y’allmeetBernie). 

Richie Moore TikTok Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

What Is Richie Moore TikTok Whatsapp Number? What Is Richie Moore TikTok Phone Number? Considering that Whatsapp numbers and phone numbers are personal belongings they are only in his position to give it out. We therefore cannot provide you with Richie Moore TikTok Whatsapp number and phone number. 

Richie Moore TikTok Wife, Ex-wife 

Is Richie Moore TikTok Married? Who Is Richie Moore TikTok Wife? Richie Moore is currently not married and does not have a wife. Although he jokingly refers to Khloes Grams aka Joy as his wife occasionally, even though they’re yet to be married.


Richie Moore TikTok Religion 

What Religion Is Richie Moore TikTok? Richie Moore TikTok religion is Christianity by birth and choice. 

Richie Moore TikTok TikTok, Instagram 

Richiemoore is more active on TikTok than on Instagram, but he active on both Instagram and TikTok with his name as Richiemoore. 

Richie Moore TikTok Boyfriends 

Who Is Richie Moore TikTok Boyfriend? Not Available.

Richie Moore TikTok Height, Weight 

Richiemoore TikTok height is measured to be about 5 ft 7 ” while standing and he weighs about 75kg±.

Richie Moore TikTok Nationality 

Which Country Is Richie Moore TikTok From? Richie Moore is of Nigerian nationality. 

Richie Moore TikTok Net Worth 

What Is Richie Moore TikTok Net Worth 2023? Richard Marvelous Ihechukwu professionally known as Richiemoore on TikTok and Instagram net worth is estimated to be approximately about $150,000 as of 2023.


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