How To Make Money Creating Contents With Just Your Smartphone Or Laptop In 2023

How To Make Money Creating Contents With Just Your Smartphone Or Laptop

A few weeks ago, the popular comedian Broda Shaggi was on the news for saying he makes an average of $40K creating contents every month.
For guys within my circle, we know that this figure is far lesser than what the guy actually makes. 
He was just being economical with the truth for his own safety. So drag him all you want, that dude makes above that figure and I can bet you on that. Even the average guys under my private mentorship program earn around $1K to $5K monthly, and these are guys that are practically “unknown” because they have far lesser popularity than Shaggi. How much more the much celebrated comedian with millions of views and brand deals globally?
So rather than puffing and raising up unnecessary arguments in the comments, I’d advise you pay attention to every detail in this post and learn how everything is done. From start to finish. This will be a long read, but it will be worth every bit of your time. Resist every temptation to stop halfway.
The only thing you owe me after reading this is to share it with your friends and family while inviting them to Follow my page. I promise you, they will love it here. I share real valuable insights that can change their financial life forever by doing a few things online.
Now, ladies and gents shall we begin? 😁
Online Content Creation is the new oil. The man that learns the tricks and strategies to mine it will keep on selling it for as long as social media and the internet exist.
The most beautiful thing about this is that ANYBODY can do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a shy person, a stammerer, differently abled or not facially endowed. ANYBODY can go into online content creation – you just have to decide the type that best suits your personality and the strategies to employ to keep earning endlessly from it.
So let’s start with the TYPES. 
There are basically two types of online content creation. 
The first is the TEXT type where you primarily focus on creating written contents in the form of educational articles, stories, gists, how-to guides and so on. Occasionally, you may create infographs and related images and videos to support the written contents. 
The more your READERSHIP grows, the more money you are capable of making from this. And there are many ways to earn from just writing these types of contents. 
The first is through having your own blog or website and monetizing it with Google Adsense. You can read up about Adsense on Google.
The next is to get started on platforms such as Medium, Quora and YoFan. There are also not so popular platforms like Opera News that will pay you to do this. But I’ll most recommend having your own blog or website and monetizing it with Adsense. 
This can give you up to $1K as a beginner if you learn a set of strategies called ADSENSE ARBITRAGE. With time, you can progress to $5K monthly and scale it up over months. This is something I do and have taught many people too. You’ll come across some of them under this post in the comments section if they’ll have the time to read this.
The second type of online content creation you can start today is the VIDEO aspect which you can create with just your smartphone or laptop and post on different social media platforms and get paid. I’ll dwell more on this.
What type of videos can I create? You may ask.
The types are unlimited. These videos can be very short comedy skits, prank videos, tutorials that talk about how to do different stuff, dance videos, exercise and fitness videos, cake baking and meal preparations videos, tech gadgets reviews, celebrity gists and gossips, political happenings, health and financial guides, relationship and marriage tips, religion and so on.
There are two ways you can make money from just creating these video types.
The first is through brand endorsement or ambassadorial deals. Brands looking to gain visibility, customers and sales can simply approach you or you can have your managers reach out to them. Just by making mention of these brands in your videos, you can charge them as high as N50K to N200K for each video you create on their behalf. You can charge more based on your level of popularity, which is measured by the number of followers you have and the engagements on your posted videos. The higher the engagements, the higher the pay.
The second way video content creators make their money is by having social media platforms pay them directly.
You may not believe it but platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and so on, can pay you crazy money to post your videos on their platform if you can find your way around their monetization processes.
These platforms pay you for two things: the number of views on those videos and the number of clicks you got on adverts displayed in those videos while people are watching them.
So let’s say you create a video that went very viral and has around 100,000 views. You’re already on your way to earning nothing less than $100 on that video if the views are coming from very good locations. Especially Tier 1 countries. 
Now here’s the sweetest part, let’s say out of the 100,000 people that watched that video, about 1000 people clicked on your ads, you are already on your way to about $1000 just from that video alone if your CPC is around $1. 
Sometimes this can be more than $1 and at other times less than that. It all depends on the countries you are getting the most clicks from. Clicks coming in from Tier 1 countries like USA and Canada can give you mad money, very crazy money.
Now, here’s how to start this and earn money doing it from Day 1. I call this the Smarter Approach because it’s not just about rushing to create channels and social media pages, it’s about doing it smartly. Lol.
So how do you do this?
For you to get a fresh YouTube channel approved for monetization, the channel has to get about 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours from the videos you must have uploaded.
Even if you meet these requirements, there’s no guarantee that your channel will be approved cos the YouTube Adsense team will still have to check the videos you posted there for copyright and to ensure they meet their other content monetization policies.
So rather than wasting time with this, buy a fully verified YouTube channel with an Adsense account or anyone that has received payment at least once. 
I would have also recommended you go for the unverified type YouTube Adsense account but that may take up to 3 months for you to finish the verifications if you are buying the Nigerian version. Unless you are buying a foreign one. For instance a USA or UK unverified YouTube Adsense account.
Smartphones generally these days are built with good camera. Only in the voice quality will are manufacturers yet to put in more efforts.
So while your smartphone camera can serve as a good camera for a start, you should have a wireless mic connected to your device to cancel out noises and make your sounds very audible and clear.
With a budget of just N10K to N20K, you can get a good wireless mic to start with. When the money starts coming in, you’ll buy better and bigger mics and cameras.
You may not even need to spend a dime for this. You can start by downloading different video editing apps like Capcut, Video Maker, Power Director etc., for both your smartphone and laptop.
After downloading, spend some time on YouTube learning how to use them. We also have a video editing course coming up on Trispark Academy in the coming days after our launching. You should watch out for that.
This is simply the act of generating views on your videos and clicks on their displayed adverts in order to get paid.
Have you ever wondered how some of your favourite video content creators will post videos and in less than a couple of hours and days they already have millions of views on it?
It is because the MAJORITY of them are BUYING that TRAFFIC through MASSIVE PAID PROMOTIONS or ADVERTISEMENT on various platforms.
And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Except when the traffic is coming from poor quality sources that sends bots which are non-human traffic to videos.
If you can make out time to learn the best platforms to get traffic for your YouTube or social media videos and the methods to use for that, I guarantee you, you will be smiling heavily to the bank every month. Especially when these traffic sources send only real human traffic to your channels.
To avoid abuse, I’ll not list some of those traffic sources here. That information is exclusive to those under my private mentorship program. But you can do your research online and figure a few of them out. It’s not rocket science.
This is like the last thing to do. When doing this, you have to go for a niche you can easily build an audience around – attention is money!
Any niche you can easily use to capture people’s attention can easily give you money. 
So do not just follow your passion here, also do your mathematics very well and go for those with the most probability of pulling in a huge number of subscribers and money for you.
If you are the type that doesn’t like showing your face because you are shy, you can record videos using just screen recorders and only your voice will be captured while you use your phone or laptop screen to demonstrate what you are saying.
Another platform you can use to greatly monetize your video content is Facebook. For this you’ll have to create a Facebook page and gain 5000 followers on it. After that you will be required to upload at least 5 unique videos and get about 60,000 views cumulatively on them.
However, the biggest challenge with Facebook monetization is the country’s eligibility. Right now, Nigeria and most African nations are not yet eligible for Facebook monetization.
So to bypass this, Facebook content creators employ the services of International Social Media Management Companies.
You can get a lot of them through Fiverr, Upwork and so on.
These companies will do everything within their power to get your pages monetized. This also includes demoting you the owner of the page to an editor instead of an admin of the page. Of course you can always make posts on the page as the editor.
The company will also be responsible for providing the payment details and receiving them on your behalf. As soon as Facebook sends the payment from your accrued views and clicks on ads displayed on your videos, they will take their agreed percentage and send you yours either through your domiciliary bank account or any other format you want. For instance Western Union.
Once that part is settled, you or them will start pushing heavy traffic to your videos to generate views and clicks on the adverts displayed on your videos. This is the major way your money will come. It is in fact the 95% generator of your total revenue. The remaining 5% will be through individual subscriptions and stars sent to you by users in appreciation of your videos. There’s also a trick to do this and make people give you these stars ⭐ but I’ll not teach that today. 😁
But above all, in content creation, you must understand the power of catchy headlines, lusty thumbnails, relationship or marriage controversies, make-believe scandals, sensational trends, religious affiliations, massive views generations, growing a thick skin to insults and negative criticism, and much more.
These are things you can use to capture the attention of a large majority of the people and keep them glued on your page forever. Let them complain, criticize and drag all they can, they can never leave because you’re filling a void they don’t even know exist in their hearts 😁 This is the aspect of the game that Blessingceo, Korra, Yul Edochie, Odogwu and Aisha have mastered. And they are all cashing out back to back 😂
You can even copy the model of Odogwu and Aisha by getting controversial videos from native doctors (dibia) and pastors during their Livestream services and posting. But ensure your face show inside. The people will come watching, some criticizing, some applauding. All of these will only be increasing your brand’s visibility and worth.
Let me stop here for now. I have a private mentorship class to teach. Let me run along before my students come calling 😂
I hope you found value reading this. I can’t wait to hear how the post inspired you to get started on your dreams of becoming a content creator. We’re already cashing out back to back in this thing. Come and join us.
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