Layiwasabi Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, TikTok, Olayiwola Omiran, Meme, Korty EO, Net Worth.

Layiwasabi Biography, Age, Real Name, Korty Eniola Olarenwaju, Girlfriend, TikTok, Olayiwola Omiran, Meme, Korty EO, Net Worth. 

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Who Is Layiwasabi?

Layiwasabi whose real name is Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola, hails from Osogbo in Osun State, an important tie-dye production centre and the hometown of the Nigerian dramatist Duro Ladipo. He is a content creator, on in e comedian and Influencer who gained influence through the uniques tye of his comic videos. 

Basic Information

Real Name Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola 
Famous As Layiwasabi TikTok
Age 25 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 11 July 1998 
Profession/Career Comedian/Lawyer
State Of Origin Ogun State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 6 ft 5″/90kg
Girlfriend Korty EO 
Sister Not Available
Parents Mr And Mrs Ayomide
Lives In Ibadan, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $150,000

Layiwasabi Biography

Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola Born on 11 July 1998, is a professional Nigerian Lawyer, comedian, and content creator popularly known as Layiwasabi on TikTok. He is originally from Osun State, Nigeria. Layiwasabi lived all his life in the ancient Yoruba city, Osogbo, along with his younger brother and doting mother, whom he acknowedges as his humour’s genetic source, the supplier of his comedy chromosome. 
Layi’s closest friend while growing up was his mother. She was the funniest in her circle of friends. His father passed away when he was barely two years old and hence, his nurturing fell to his mother and his extended family comprising uncles, aunts and grandparents. 
According to Layi in an interview with Culture Custodian, his childhood was “quiet” and “without adventure”. 

Layiwasabi Age 

He is currently 24 Years Old as of 2022, but we’ll be 25 Years Old in 2033 after his birthday. 

Layiwasabi Birthday, Date Of Birth 

His real date of birth is on 11 July 1998, he’ll be celebrating his next birthday by 11 July in 2023. 

Layiwasabi Real Name 

Layiwasabi or Layi Wasabi as some others call him, his real name is Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola. 

Layiwasabi Zodiac Sign 

Layiwasabi Profession, Career 

Layiwasabi, who’s probably the only Nigerian comic alive to have a Shakespeare’s Line pencilled on his Instagram bio “The world is your oyster” from Merry Wives of Windsor”, started his Comedy Career as a teenager. 
The first time Layi skulked about a microphone in an effort to make people laugh, he was in JSS2, during his secondary school’s talent show. “I signed up for stand-up comedy and formed a drama group called The Emerald Star, a group I headed until SS3. 
Our performance during the taent show was the highlight of the night. It was during those days knew I was meant for this. I felt very naive, very ‘me’ when was on stage and during rehearsals.” 
Layi Wasabi learnt the principles of comedy in the most sensible and natural way: by simply observing the frog, and for a very longtime. Growing up with his background, his mother attends the Redeemed Christian Church of God, added up Christian heritage to his skits. 
In one of his most popular gags Layi parodies the hammy acting and deus-ex-machinare solutions of those Mount Zion movies that amused nearly every Nigerian Christian home from the 80s to the early 2000s, morality soap operas written, directed and acted in by any number of the famed Bamiloye family. 
In another skit Layi, used the POV technique common toonline comedy, imagines how working for a Nigerian employer with Jesus’ preternatural powers would look like.

He does have away with words, alikely concomitant of his reading “some Soyinka” and “a chunk of Adichie”. 
Layi does some physical comedy, too, like when he wears the kind of comically outsized coat you expect to see on those peripatetic Jehovah Witness evangelists who are rich in heavenly terms but broke in their earthly life. 
Layi’s comedy thrives mostly for his facility with words and his acting skills, the former lending his skits a kind of bookish mien, the latter affording it complexity while telling you his time in Nollywood is only two train stations away. 
He describes himself as an introvert “a gift and a curse”, he calls it and his comedy reflects the sonic minimalism typical of an introvert’s private life: There are no exuberant sound effects, no canned whoops of “Funke!” or “Apostle will hear of this”.


Layiwasabi Education, Family 

Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola had his elementary and secondary School Education in Osun State and later proceeded to Bowen University for his Undergraduate degree. Layi studied Law in Bowen University and claims his formal education moved at a swift pace because of his mother. 
Layiwasabi gained admission to study Law as a Fifteen-year-old and he is currently serving as a National Youth Corper in Ibadan, Oyo State. Gleaning from a sentence he tweeted in May this year about how his time in Ibadan has thus far been, he said: “NYSC is after my existence on this blue terrestrial ball”. 

Layiwasabi Origin, State Of Origin 

Mr. Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola is originally from an ancient Yoruba speaking Southern Nigeria, Osun State. 

Layiwasabi Ethnicity 


Layiwasabi Tribe 

He hails from the Yoruba speaking tribe of Southern part of Nigeria.

Layiwasabi Parents, Father, Mother 

Although Layiwasabi grew up without his father Mr Ayomide, he was well taken care of by his mother Mrs Ayomide. 

Layiwasabi Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola aka Layiwasabi is believed to be in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Eniola Korty Olanrewaju, popularly known as Korty EO. Coming from a post his girlfriend Korty EO made on social media about their love life only growing stronger. 

Who Is Korty EO?

Being Korty Eniola Olarenwaju is a YouTuber, aspiring filmmaker, internet sensation popularly as Korty EO. with many followers on Social Media. 
She was raised in the sleepy hollows of Ibadan with a thirst for a purpose greater than her. She studied Computer Science at the University of Ibadan. 
Her YouTube channel has an interview series titled ‘Flow, With Korty’ and it has featured many star Celebrities like DonJazzy, Niyi Okeowo, Ayra Starr, BaqBonez and Ashley Okoi. 

Layiwasabi Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

You can contact Layi Wasabi on his social media platforms, since his personal contacts are not publicly available. 

Layiwasabi Wife, Ex-wife 

Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola who is professionally known as Layiwasabi looks to getting married to a wife in future, he is currently unmarried and does not have a wife. 

Layiwasabi Religion 

He is a Christian. 

Layiwasabi TikTok, Instagram 

His TikTok and Instagram handles is Layiwasabi. With over 300k followers as of the time of publication of this article in 2023. 

Layiwasabi Boyfriends 

Although he has a few boyfriends, but he is not sexually or romantically involved with them as his sexual orientation is straight. He is only into women. 

Layiwasabi Height, Weight 

How Tall Is Layi Wasabi? Is Layi Tall? How Tall Is Layi? Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola aka Layiwasabi stands at over an average height. He measures to be 6 ft 5″ while standing and weighs about 90kg±. This is way above the height of an average Nigerian in Nigeria, he is considered to be one of men in his locality. Despite being very tall, Layiwasabi is very healthy and free of any health complication that comes as a result of being too tall. 

Layiwasabi Nationality 

He is a Nigerian from Southern Nigeria. 

Layiwasabi Net Worth 

Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola professionally known as Layiwasabi net worth is estimated to be approximately about $100,000 as of 2023. 

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