SplashTwinz Biography, Age, Real Names, Parents, Splash Twinz, Boyfriend, Birthday, Nationality, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

SplashTwinz Biography, Age, Real Names, Parents, Splash Twinz, Boyfriend, Trechelle Andino, Treona Andino, Birthday, Nationality, Girlfriend, Net Worth. 

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Who Is SplashTwinz 

The SplashTwinz are a duo TikTok content creators who are related by birth and are famously known as the SplashTwinz from all their social media platforms. 

Trechelle and Treona Andino who are the SplashTwinz have been creating TikTok contents, vlogs, comedy, and prank videos over the years for which they are popularly known. 

In this article of SplashTwinz Trechelle and Treona biography written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, well be covering answers to the most/frequently asked questions about SplashTwinz Trechelle aka Shellie and Ona. 

Basic Information

Real Names Trechelle Andino
Treona Andino 
Famous As SplashTwinz 
Age 21 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 26 November 2002
Profession/Career Dancer/Influencer
Mother Mida Ortiz
Height/Weight 5 ft 4″/57kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight/Gay
Parents Mr Andino
Lives In United States
Nationality American
Net Worth $2,000,000

SplashTwinz Biography

Trechelle Andino and Treona Andino born 27 November 2002 are professional dancers and content creators famously known as the SplashTwinz on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media app. 
The SplashTwinz as they are popularly known are American dancers and content creators famously known as  twin girls who currently lives in California with their parents. But they are off two different sexual Orientation. 
SplashTwinz have both been making dance videos, challenge videos, as well as prank videos, far back as 2017 but they are most associated with dance videos. With several of their dance videos and other content going viral on social media splash Twinz have been able to reach a very large fan base as much as 14 million followers on just Tiktok along as of the time of this writing. 
Shellie and Ona aka SplashTwinz are identical twin sister who have been differentiated by sexual orientation as they grew older. 
While Ona is gay and into fellow ladies, Shellie on the other hand is straight and have been in relations with the opposite gender unlike her sister Ona who has been seen on TikTok videos with her lesbian partner. 
Ona Kissing her girlfriend videos has sparked a lot of reactions from both fans and others. 
Over the years as dancers and influencers, Splash Twinz Shellie and Ona have made duo videos with other twin dancers and other popular dancers like, Johnstontwins, Jayda J, Jayna J, Jayddaa, Jaynna, Domo Danny, Glotwins, Domo The Twin etc.


SplashTwinz Age 

Trechelle and Treona Andino professionally known as Splash Twinz are currently 20 Years Old as of the time of this writing. They will be 21 Years Old by 2023. 

SplashTwinz Birthday, Date Of Birth

As regarding the confusion on Shellie and Ona aka SplashTwinz birthday and date of birth, their birthday is on 26 November. And their real date of birth is 27 November 2002. 

SplashTwinz Real Name 

The SplashTwinz are often referred to as SplashTwinz Shellie and SplashTwinz Ona, however their real names are Trechelle Andino and Treona Andino.


Trechelle Andino is also known as SplashTwinz Shellie while Treona Andino is also known as SplashTwinz Ona. 

SplashTwinz Zodiac Sign 

SplashTwinz zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

SplashTwinz Profession, Career 

They two famous twins sisters are dancers and influencers. 

SplashTwinz Education, Family 

They are from a family of six children with both parents making a total of eight. 

SplashTwinz Siblings 

Splash Twinz Shellie and Ona have four other siblings whose names are Joaquin, Quimora, Edwin, Zayd. 

SplashTwinz Ethnicity 

They’re of African-American ethnicity. 

SplashTwinz Family 

SplashTwinz Parents, Father, Mother

Trechelle and Treona Andino are the first kids of her parents Mr Andino and Mrs Mida Ortiz. 
While their father is Mr Andino, their mothers name is Mida Ortiz and they currently have a total of six kids. 

SplashTwinz Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

SplashTwinz Ona girlfriend info is currently not available. Treona is romantic relationship with ladies.

SplashTwinz Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

Not Available. You can contact them through their management


SplashTwinz Wife, Ex-wife 

They are not married, hence no wife. 

SplashTwinz Religion 

It is believed that the twins are Christians. 

SplashTwinz TikTok, Instagram 

You can find and follow the SplashTwinz individually or as a duo on their shared TikTok and Instagram page or personally on TikTok and Instagram also. 

SplashTwinz Boyfriends 

SplashTwinz Shellie boyfriend information is currently not available. 

SplashTwinz Height, Weight 

Both twins Shellie and Ona are of exact same height of 5 ft 4″ while standing erect with heels. 

SplashTwinz Nationality 

Trechelle Andino and Treona Andino are both Americans and currently lives in California , USA



SplashTwinz Net Worth 

SplashTwinz aka Trechelle Andino and Treona Andino net worth is estimated to be approximately about $2,000,000 collectively as of 2022.


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