I Am Tiwa TikTok Biography, Iam Tiwa, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Boyfriend, Purple Speedy Sister, Parents, Origin, Tribe, Net Worth.

I Am Tiwa TikTok Biography, Iam Tiwa, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Purplespeedy Sister, Boyfriend, Parents, Origin, Tribe, Its tiwa, Net Worth. 

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In this article written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog contains the biography of Iam Tiwa TikTok. 

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Who Is Iam Tiwa TikTok? 

Iam Tiwa TikTok is an upcoming social media influencer and dancer. Popularly known as Purple Speedy TikTok Sister. 

Basic Information

Real Name Love Pever 
Famous As I am Tiwa TikTok
Iam Tiwa 
Age 20 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 25 November 2003
Profession/Career Dancer/Influencer
State Of Origin Benue State, Nigeria.
Height/Weight 5 ft 8″/60kg
Boyfriend Not Available
Sister Peace Pever aka Purple Speedy 
Parents Mr And Mrs Pever 
Lives In Lagos State, Nigeria.
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $30,000

I Am Tiwa TikTok Biography

Iam Tiwa TikTok born 25 November 2003 is a professional dancer, influencer, content creator, and entertainer whose real name is Love Pever. Famously known on TikTok for dancing with Purplespeedy and her crew of Crispdal, Itz Cdy Voltage, and Toskysmash. 
Love Pever who is professionally known as iam Tiwa TikTok or its_tiwa or lovie on TikTok, is the biological sister if famous Nigerian TikTok Star, Purple Speedy TikTok. 

Love Pever or I Am Tiwa TikTok as she is famously known happens to be Purplespeedy Sister, facts confirms that she is her immediate younger sister who happens to be five years younger than her self but has a very striking resemblance with Purple Speedy wise real name is Peace Pever. 

After series of videos from Iam Tiwa aka I am Tiwa TikTok with purple speedy continued going viral, it drew the attention of a lot of Purple Speedy fan and Its Tiwa fans to look into the resemblance to know if they’re related biological. As they had very similar features. 

In the course of this findings by the Famous Celebrity Blog, it was discovered that I Am Tiwa TikTok aka Iam Tiwa is biologically related to purple speedy and as a matter of fact, I am Tiwa TikTok is Purple speedy immediate younger sister. 
I Am Tiwa TikTok real name is Love Pever while her sister, Purple Speedy real name is Peace Pever Anpee. 
According to our findings, we discovered that Purple Speedy has two other sisters namely; Glory Pever and Faith Pever. 

Love Pever aka Iam Tiwa TikTok has been creating contents alongside her elder sister Purple Speedy aka Peace Pever Anpee on TikTok and Instagram since 2022. And with all the support she could get from her sister, Purple Speedy TikTok and her crew of Crispdal, Itz Cdy Voltage, Toskysmash and many others, she has been able to build her fan base to almost a million followers on TikTok and 100k on Instagram. 

Although Love Pever aka Purple Speedy Sister or I am Tiwa TikTok, looks closely like her sister Purple Speedy, she is quite taller, and looks younger compared to get purple speedy her elder sister. She joined the dance crew sometime in 2021 and has come to the limelight of fame since then. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Age 

Iam Tiwa TikTok is five years younger than her sister, Purple Speedy on TikTok. As of the time of the writing of this article in 2023, Iam Tiwa current age is 19 Years Old but she will be 20 Years Old by 2023. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Birthday, Date Of Birth 

I Am Tiwa TikTok birthday is on 25 November barely 15 days away from her sister Purple Speedy birthday. 

I am Tiwa TikTok date of birth is on 25 November 2003. While her sister Purple Speedy date of birth is 10 December 1998. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Real Name 

Popularly known as Iam Tiwa, I am Tiwa TikTok real name is Love Pever. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Zodiac Sign 

Her zodiac sign is just as the same as her sister. I am Tiwa TikTok and Purple Speedy TikTok Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Profession, Career 

Both Love Pever and her sister Purple Speedy are professional dancers, they are currently students at Nasarawa State University Keffi, they are yet to start pursuing their full time career. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Education, Family 

Love Pever aka Iam Tiwa TikTok is a high school graduate but is yet to complete her Bachelor’s degree at Nsuk alongside her sister Purple Speedy. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Origin, State Of Origin 

She is originally from North Central part of Nigeria, her State of origin is Benue State particularly from Gboko in Benue State.

I Am Tiwa TikTok Ethnicity 

She is of African ethnicity.

I Am Tiwa TikTok Tribe 

Love Pever aka Iam Tiwa TikTok speaks the Tiv tribe from Benue State. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Parents, Father, Mother 

The picture above is that of Purple Speedy and her sister whose name is Iam Tiwa TikTok aka Love Pever. Her parent name Mr and Mrs Pever.

I Am Tiwa TikTok Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

Although she has a couple of girlfriends, but not of romance. Her sexual orientation is straight and she is not romantically involved with any of her girlfriends.


I Am Tiwa TikTok Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

Iam Tiwa TikTok Whatsapp number and phone number can not be made public as they are personal properties and they are hers to give out. You can easily contact her if need be on any of her several social media pages ranging from Facebook and Instagram as @its_tiwa, and I am Tiwa on TikTok. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Husband, Ex-husband  

She is currently not married and does not have a husband. She has also never been married to or had ex-husbands.

I Am Tiwa TikTok Religion 

Love Pever is a Christian. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok TikTok, Instagram

You can reach her via her management, or any of her social media platforms. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Boyfriends 

At the moment there’s no information about Iam Tiwa TikTok Boyfriend. This article will be updated as soon as there’s any information about her love/relationship life. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Height, Weight 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Height is 5 ft 8″ while she weighs about 55kg±. 

I Am Tiwa TikTok Nationality 

Love Pever on TikTok is a Nigerian from North Central part of the country. There has been no reason to prove otherwise.

I Am Tiwa TikTok Net Worth 

Love Pever professionally known as I Am Tiwa TikTok net worth is estimated to be approximately about $30,000 as of the time of writing of this article in 2023.


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