Celynukam Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Education, Married, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth.

Celynukam Biography, Age, Real Name, TikTok, Education, Married, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth. 

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Celynukam TikTok.

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Who Is Celynukam? 

Celynukam on TikTok is a pretty TikToker the moniker of a TikTok content creator famously known for her dance and comedy contents in collaboration with a few other TikTokers. 

Celynukam has gained over 1 million followers on TikTok since 2019 when she started creating TikTok contents and about 150k fans on TikTok. 

Aside from consistent content creation done inception till date, Celynukam has been opportune to to get reposts of her video contents witch in turn gave her a large followers.


Basic Information

Real Name Celine Ukam 
Famous As Celynukam TikTok 
Age 23 Years Old (2023)
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 22 March 2004
Profession/Career Dancer/Comedian 
State Of Origin Cross River 
Height/Weight 5 ft 7″/60kg
Boyfriend Not Available
Sister Calabar Chic 
Parents Mr And Mrs Ukam
Lives In Abuja, Nigeria 
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $50,000

Celynukam Biography

Celine Ukam born 22 April 2000 is a Nigerian, and a graduate of mass communication from the State University of Cross River State, known as Unicross or Crutech. 

Celine Ukam is a popular TikTok content creator famously known as a comedian on TikTok with over 1 million followers on TikTok. She is popularly known as Celynukam on TikTok and has been creating contents on TikTok since 2019. 

Celynukam whose real name is Celine Ukam has been consistent in creating entertaining contents from her first start which helped her get the necessary audience she craved. She did this by also engaging in some online tasks and challenges which helped her get reposts from a lot of famous bloggers and celebrities in the likes of Tunde Ednut aka mufasatundeednut on Instagram. 

Getting repost from Instagram King Tunde Ednut aka mufasatundeednut was one of the major push in her influencing career as a content creator. 

Celynukam Age 

Celynukam on TikTok is currently 22 Years Old, she will be celebrating her 23 Years birthday in 2023. 

Celynukam Birthday, Date Of Birth

TikTok Star and actress, Celynukam birthday is on 22 April as she celebrates annually. But her real date of birth is on 22 April 2000. That’s she will be 23 Years Old by the year 2023. 

Celynukam Real Name 

Although Celynukam is popularly known by her social media moniker, Celynukam, Celynukam’s real name is Celine Ukam. 

Celynukam Zodiac Sign 

Celynukam zodiac sign of 22 April is Tarus. 

Celynukam Profession, Career 

Although Celine Ukam aka Celynukam holds her first degree in Mass communication, she is currently more focused on working out her career as a model, influencer, and content creator before going to practice her profession. 

Celynukam Education, Family 

Celine Ukam professionally known as Celynukam is a graduate Mass Communication from University of Cross River State aka Crutech or Unicross. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in the 2021 from Crutech and went further to do her Youth service as required in her home country Nigeria. 

Celynukam Origin, State Of Origin 

Nigeria been a place of diversity in ethnicity and tongue, Celynukam is identified as an Efik/Ibibio from Calabar the capital city of Cross River State. 

Celine Ukam aka Celynukam state of origin is Cross River State precisely Calabar. 

Celynukam Ethnicity 

She is African by ethnicity. 

Celynukam Tribe 

Celine Ukam who is recognized professionally as Celynukam is of the Efik/Ibibio tribe of Southern Nigeria, that is Calabar. 

Celynukam Parents, Father, Mother

There’s currently no information about Celynukam Parents, Father, Mother at the moment, any new information will be updated here as soon as possible. 

Celynukam Boyfriend, Girlfriend 

Celynukam sexual orientation is straight and she does not have and is not romantically involved with anyone of her gender. 

It remains a fact, Celynukam has a fact but the identity of her boyfriend has not been made public at the moment. 

Celynukam Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

Details of Celine Ukam aka Celynukam Whatsapp and phone number can not be made public at the moment as it remains a private property and it’s hers to give out. 

To contact Celynukam you can use her management or try messaging her directly on either of her social media pages. 

Celynukam Wife, Ex-wife 

Celynukam does not have a wife. 

Celynukam Religion 

She is a Christian by religion. 

Celynukam Husband, Married? 

Although Celine Ukam aka Celynukam is not married and does not have a husband at the moment, she is likely to be getting married soon. 

Celynukam TikTok, Instagram 

Celynukam is active on all social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube as Celynukam, you can always look her up there. 

Celynukam Boyfriends 

Information about Celynukam Boyfriend is currently not available to the publics and her fans. 

Celynukam Height, Weight 

Celynukam stands at a height of 5 ft 7″ tall while weighing about 70kg±. 

Celynukam Nationality 

She is Nigerian. 

Celynukam Net Worth 

Celine Ukam professionally known as Celynukam net worth is estimated to be approximately about $50,000 as of 2023. 

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