Agent Of Laughter Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, Origin, Net Worth.

Agent Of Laughter Biography, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Comedy Videos, Origin, Net Worth. 

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In this article today, written and published by The Famous Celebrity Blog, contains all about TikTok Star and content creator Danceglitch TikTok  aka Dancemedian on TikTok. 
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Who Is Agent Of Laughter? 

Agent Of Laughter is an upcoming comedian known for his original comedy skits without copying his colleagues. 
Agent Of Laughter is more popular on TikTok where he has gained over 2 million followers and 16+ million likes. 
Speaking about his choice of moniker ‘Agent of Laughter’, he said “When I was trying to come up with the name, I did some deep thinking and then I felt like okay how do I tell people that laughter is my priority….So ‘Agent of laughter’ simply means laughter has sent me”, he said.

On his take on comedians who repackage the jokes of their colleagues, he said “Yes many comedians remix old videos and yet too they create their original ideas but at some point, it may have a touch of a remix from an old video.

Basic Information

Real Name Godson Chukwuebuka Eze
Famous As Agent Of Laughter 
Age 25 Years Old (2023)
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 22 December 1998
Profession/Career Comedian
State Of Origin Imo State 
Height/Weight 5 ft 10″/80kg
Girlfriend Not Available
Sister Not Available
Parents Mr And Mrs Eze
Lives In Lagos, Nigeria 
Nationality Nigerian 
Net Worth $100,000

Agents Of Laughter Biography 

Godson Chukwuebuka Eze born 22 December 1998 is a verified TikTok Star content creator and comedian who is popularly known as Agent Of Laughter on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 
With over 2.3 million followers on TikTok, Agent Of Laughter whose real name is Godson Chukwuebuka Eze has been constantly making comedy videos on social media since 2018 actively with other now famous Celebrity dancers like Samskid TikTok, Poco Lee, Crispdal, and many others. 
The recent surge in search of Agent Of Laughter comedy videos were as a result of his latest comedy videos going viral on TikTok. 
With his videos being completely original and out of his own creative. 

Agent Of Laughter

Mr Godson Chukwuebuka Eze who is famously known as Agent Of Laughter is 24 Years Old as he recently clocked 24 late in 2022. 
He will be 25 Years Old by 2023. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Birthday, Date Of Birth 

His Birthday is on 22 December while his real date of birth is on 22 December 1998. 

Agent Of Laughter Real Name 

Popular TikTok comedian, Agent Of Laughter real name is Godson Chukwuebuka Eze. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Zodiac Sign 

His zodiac sign for 22 December is Capricorn. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Profession, Career 

Godson Chukwuebuka Eze is a professional comedian and content creator. He started doing comedy sometime in 2016 and is still in the business of comedy till date. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Education, Family 

Agent Of Laughter aka Godson Chukwuebuka Eze has just concluded his first Bachelor’s degree from Federal University Of Technology, Owerri popularly known as FUTO in Imo State, Nigeria. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Origin, State Of Origin 

Although his State of origin is yet to be confirmed, his speculated state of origin is Imo State, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2023. 

Agent Of Laughter Ethnicity 


Agent Of Laughter Tribe 

He is ethnically recognized as an Igbo man. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Parents, Father, Mother

There’s no information about his parents, Father, mother and family available yet. 

Agent Of Laughter
 Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend 

The picture above is that of Agent Of Laughter and his girlfriend although he has not revealed the identity of his woman yet. 

Agent Of Laughter Whatsapp Number, Phone Number 

You can always contact Agent Of Laughter through his social media platforms or his management, his private phone and Whatsapp number may not be made public soon. 

Agent Of Laughter Wife, Ex-wife 

Godson Chukwuebuka Eze is not married at the moment and thus does not have any wife nor ex-wife as he has never been married. 

Agent Of Laughter Religion 

He is a Christian by religion. 

Agent Of Laughter TikTok, Instagram 

He is active on all social media platform as Agent Of Laughter comedian, where you can easily reach him. 

Agent Of Laughter

He has a lot of male friends but does not have a romantically involved male friends as a boyfriend as his sexual orientation is straight. 

Agent Of Laughter Height, Weight  

He is about 5 ft 11″ tall while weighing over 80kg± as of 2023. 

Agent Of Laughter Nationality 

Agent Of Laughter as he is professionally known is a Nigerian from South Eastern part of the country.  

Agent Of Laughter
 Net Worth 
Godson Chukwuebuka Eze aka Agent Of Laughter net worth is estimated to be approximately $100,000 as of 2023. 

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