Minicheps Biography, Art, Photoshop, Net Worth.

This article Minicheps Biography, art, photoshop, and net worth has been and published on this site in 2022, is intended for informational purposes, and stands to be corrected.

Who Is Minicheps? 

Minicheps is the official social media moniker of a controversial photo art manipulator, Catherine Jekpemboi.

Minicheps art 

And in the course of the reading article, I intend to provide you with information about minicheps biography, age, art, children, photos, photoshop app, downloads, tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, relationship, and the latest pictures.

Minicheps photos

Basic Information

Real Name Catherine Jekpemboi
Famous As Minicheps (Collection)
Age 26 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth Not Available
Profession/Career Visual Artist/Content Creator
Nationality Kenyan
Ethnicity African(Kalenjin)
Religion Christian
Spouse/Boyfriend Meshak Korir
TikTok Minicheps
Instagram Minicheps
Sexual Orientation Straight
Net Worth $10,000

Minicheps Biography 

Catherine Jekpemboi is a 26 Years Old Kenyan born professional visual artist, content creator and brand influencer, famously known as Minicheps as derived from her photo manipulation skills.
The history behind her content type has been described to be just passion, she found her expression in doing what makes her happy. According to her photography manipulation was nothing but just mere fun which has fortunately turned to be a career for her.
Although Catherine Jekpemboi has been actively making this fun art with pictures for fun, it is just starting to get public attention and a huge fan following.
For your interest in this article, Minicheps Biography, I’d love to tell you that Catherine Jekpemboi who is popularly known as Minicheps was born in Kapsabet of the Nandi County of Kenya is of Kalenjin ethnicity.
Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps is famous on all digital media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and even has an official YouTube channel that is popularly known on all the platforms as Minicheps.
Although Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps is of the Kalenjin tribe of Nandi County Kenyan, she is currently based in Eldoret.

Minicheps Personal Life And Family 

Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps just like most African kids, was a creative young child whose potentials has been under threat by poverty and underdevelopment of the society.
Nevertheless, Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps (Biography) did not allow her condition to hold her down from success. Although her early dreams of becoming a model was nothing but better mere dreams, she later found expression in her passion of visual arts.
Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps Biography who is the firstborn and girl child of her parents who had six children, also narrated how she willingly dropped out of school in order to enable her parents train her other siblings in school adding that she found other means of being successful in life without schooling immediately.

Minicheps Educational Background

Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps who is a class eight drop out completed her primary school education in her hometown Kalenjin at the age of 14 and obtained her Primary school certificate but was unable to further her education to high school and college due to financial limitations which is suffered by the average African child.
In her extreme desire to succeed, Minicheps also tried to take up a hair dressing course as a young girl. But just like it was for her in school, she was also limited by funds.
From an exclusive interview with Minicheps, she also stated clearly that she has never taken an photography classes. Due to lack of finance. 
Minicheps Children, Husband, Married
Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps (Biography) is married her alluring partner and husband, Meshak Korir, with whom they have two kids whose identity have not been made public. She makes out time to manage her family and career very well.

Minicheps Career And Profession

We all know that pursuing a career in a professional field without a degree especially a prestigious institution is difficult. Well, that has been the case of Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps whose Biography you’re reading.
She went from being a house help (maid) in Embu while selling fruit salad for money to compliment her salary, to doing Mjengo at Ruiru where she later moved and worked on a construction site, to selling Samosa as a business in Ruiru which was unfortunately decapitated by the Corona Virus pandemic.
Minicheps Children as you’re reading, never had the opportunity the take and complete any professional course as she wanted.
It was at this point, ideas of photo manipulation and photography came to her mind. She made it more interesting by spicing it up with her love for food.
Just almost immediately as she came up with this wonderful idea, she was also faced with the challenge of how to acquire a camera, luckily a cousin of her’s had one that she could borrow and that was the beginning of her career in visual arts and photography manipulation.

Minicheps Photos Manipulation

As talented as Minicheps was, she started her photo manipulation skills in 2019 sharing environment relatable and interesting contents. The camera she borrowed from her cousin happened to do the magic she needed as at the time.

With a skillful, talented and creative mind, spiced up with a good camera, Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps became a meme Lord for netizens. She has also done lots of brand promotion for popular food brands with her skill.

How Did Minicheps Become Famous 

Just as iron sharpens iron, Minicheps’ contents was alluring to beholders but couldn’t get to as much audience as needed.
It was at this point Minicheps was opportune to meet a Kenyan celebrity choreographer and singer Noel James Owidhi, famously known as Timeless Noel and George Kagwe who took up the task of sharing, liking and commenting on her posts to get her the much needed exposition.
Minicheps Biography as you’re reading eventually got help from a lot of other celebrities who helped make her work go viral. But Timeless Noel and George Kagwe were the first notable celebrities to encourage her work.

Minicheps Art, Photoshop, Apps And Photos

While we have done a good job in unraveling Minicheps biography, the name of the app she uses in her video art editing and Photoshop photos are yet to be revealed. She holds it at a high esteem to avoid sabotaging her work.
Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps currently lives in Eldoret alongside her family comprising of her husband and children.

Minicheps Net Worth 

As of the time of this publication of this article in 2022, Catherine Jekpemboi aka Minicheps Net Worth is approximately $10,000.

Minicheps Biography Conclusion 

The success story and biography of Minicheps goes a long way to tell us that success in life is not only based on education although we should not completely overlook it.
Diligence, hardwork and commitment goes a long way to bring us to success provided we’re doing the right thing. 

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