Kanyin Mabel Biography, Age, Real Name, Kayin Mabel TikTok, Boyfriend, Parents, Instagram, Net Worth.

Have you come across this pretty looking African TikToker Kanyin Of TikTok? I guess you have. You’re welcome to famous celeb for the famous people on social media.

In this article of Kanyin Mabel Biography aka Kanyin Mabel, I will be sharing with you a few of her latest Instagram Pictures, TikTok Dance Videos, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Husband, Baby, Parents, Mother, Education, Career, Profession, Height, Weight, Tribe, Family, Religion, Nationality, Ethnicity, TikTok Star, Duet, State Of Origin.

Who Is Kanyin Mabel?

Kanyin Mabel is an upcoming TikTok Star, actress and influencer that has been mostly associated with controversial TikTok Star Khloes Gram aka Joy, some believes she is related to the sensational content creator.

Basic Information

Real Name Adebayo Kanyinsola Mabel
Famous As Kanyin Mabel or Kanyin Of TikTok
Gender Female
Age 19 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 15 August 2003
Profession Content Creator/Influencer
Boyfriend Not Available
Height/Weight 5 ft 9″/57kg±
State Of Origin South Western
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $10,000

Kanyin Mabel Biography

Adebayo Kanyinsola Mabel born 15 August 2002 is the real name of Kanyin Mabel aka Kanyin Of TikTok who is an upcoming TikTok Star, content creator and influencer famously known for her dance video content and challenge on TikTok. There’s a rumor that she is related to controversial TikTok Star Khloe Grams TikTok aka Joy, this was taken up after she shared a video where she called the Khloes Gram TikTok her cousin.
Khloes Gram aka Joy is yet to vet this statement as of whether she is related to Kanyin Mabel by blood.
Adebayo Kanyinsola Mabel is also not related to Comedian Ay Wife, Mabel Makun. Although there’s similarity in their names but that is solely due to the fact the are both from South Western Nigeria.

Kanyin Mabel Age, Date Of Birth

Kanyin Of TikTok born Adebayo Kanyinsola Mabel is 19 Years Old currently as of the year 2022. Her date of birth falls on 15 August 2003.

Kanyin Mabel Tiktok

Her official TikTok handle is Kanyin Of TikTok with over 300k and about 10m likes. She usually calls her fans mabelites.

Kanyin Mabel Boyfriend

TikTok Star Kanyin Mabel Boyfriend identity is not available. She might be in a relationship currently, but we do not have any information her boyfriend.

Kanyin Mabel Parents

Parents of Kanyin Mabel are Mr and Mrs Adebayo. They are based in there hometown in the South Western part of Nigeria.

Kanyin Mabel Net Worth

Adebayo Kanyinsola Mabel aka Kanyin Of TikTok or Kanyin Mabel net worth is $10,000.

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